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Competition 6

Friday 22/11/2019 11:00 - 13:00 - Animation Marathon 2019 at Special Professional High School of Acharnes
Total Duration: 01:56:43

  1. The art of reducing noise 04:07
  2. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Heidi Stokes
    Screenplay: Heidi Stokes
    Animation: YES
    Technique: 2D/ HAND DRAWN
    Music: /
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    In our turbulent times, silence seems like a necessary escape. 'The art of reducing noise' evaluates this concept looking in-particular at one important figure in history who used this in an astonishing way to evaluate the world we live in.

  3. Template Message 10:56
  4. France 2018
    Directed by: Marin Martinie
    Animation: Marin Martinie
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Gustave Carpene
    Production/School: EnsAD
    Dialogue language: English, French, German

    What is exactly the fundamental tension between still picture and motion picture ? Pictures are somehow informations : they converge, get ordered and eventually become unreadable.

  5. Idiot 18:30
  6. Slovakia 2018
    Directed by: Dušan Davidov
    Screenplay: Dušan Davidov
    Animation: Martin Kolčak
    Technique: 3D/2D animation
    Music: Ján Kovalčin
    Production/School: Dušan Davidov
    Dialogue language: English

    The “Smiling Man”, our hero is, in fact, an “Idiot”. The topic of altruism, when a hero helps also at the cost of not being understood, and his help may be considered annoying, is as eternal as mankind itself. Our story does not take place in aristocratic chambers but rather in an office. The “Smiling Man” is a small officer in a small town who lives 150 years later than the prince (the prince Myshkin). While F. Dostoyevsky depicted altruism in human relationships, our hero lives to work. For him, work is everything, it is something like breathing. Work is his second nature, he doesn’t realise the fact that he is abused by his colleagues, he helps because everybody wants him to help; because he is asked for help. While the topic of Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” was altruism, our key topic is the misuse of altruism and its perception as a weakness. The “Smiling Man” slaves for all of them, not only at work, but also at home; without any claim to be paid, without any appreciation from his colleagues or family. He lives the life he considers correct. When a stupid boss unjustly fires him, he is not angry with him. Not even when the boss runs down to the street to give him the food box he has left behind in the office. The “Smiling Man” perceives it as the boss´s favour. He sees a human being in his boss. It would never occur to him, not even in his dreams, that he brought it to him just to prevent him from entering the office any more. Even if it came into his mind, he would never believe it, because he’s a nice guy; he is an “Idiot”.

  7. Bolero17 14:10
  8. Russia 2018
    Directed by: Garry Bardin
    Screenplay: Garry Bardin
    Production/School: Garry Bardin
    Dialogue language: Russian

    The thesis "people are always right" is not always true. It happens that the majority is mistaken. Fortunately, there are always people who break out of the general row, white crows, who are then called heroes. It is to them that humanity owes its progress. About this movie. To the music of M. Ravel "Bolero" this story will be told, as well as the finale will be figuratively close to M. Chagall's painting "Lovers."

  9. Soma 09:05
  10. Slovenia 2019
    Directed by: Sandra Jovanovska
    Screenplay: Sandra Jovanovska, Ivan Antic
    Animation: Sandra Jovanovska
    Technique: stop-motion
    Music: Ivan Antic
    Production/School: Bostjan Potokar
    Dialogue language: English

    Situated in a strange, trashy universe, the story revolves around two people; a taxidermist and a butcher. The butcher gets the taxidermist hooked on his drugs, which he offers as an alleged cure for the taxidermist's sneezing. The taxidermist becomes a junkie and gives away his forgotten love to the butcher in exchange for more drugs. After realizing what he did, he goes to take what belongs to him, but the path ahead is a one way journey.

  11. Twelve Minutes of Rain 05:58
  12. Italy 2019
    Directed by: Fabio Teriaca, Juan Pablo Etcheverry
    Production/School: FABIO TERIACA

    the protagonist returns to the places of his childhood and approaching the tree given to him by his father relives his adolescence .. and how in an instant he is hit by the memories that characterize his existence

  13. Stopgap in Stop Motion 04:40
  14. United Kingdom 2017
    Directed by: Stephen Featherstone
    Screenplay: Stephen Featherstone
    Animation: Stephen Featherstone
    Technique: Cut out / replacement / stop motion
    Music: Dougie Evans
    Production/School: Stephen Featherstone
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: n/a

    Photographs of performers in an inclusive dance company come to life. The individual artists dance out of the photos and across table tops until the whole company meet and perform in unison. Combining live action, cut out and stop motion animation techniques, Stopgap in Stop Motion was commissioned as a promotional film for Stopgap Dance Company.

  15. You Have Probably Never Heard of Hornita Calypso 03:57
  16. USA 2019
    Directed by: Tala Schlossberg
    Screenplay: Tala Schlossberg
    Production/School: Tala Schlossberg
    Dialogue language: English

    In an unrealized search for meaning, a set of characters trudge through the mundane. This piece was created along the way.

  17. Goop Pursuit 05:45
  18. USA 2019
    Directed by: Benjamin Osterweil-Artson
    Screenplay: Benjamin Osterweil-Artson
    Animation: Benjamin Osterweil-Artson
    Technique: Michael Kuroda
    Music: Devon Ryle
    Production/School: Christian Hyatt
    Dialogue language: N/A
    Subtitles language: N/A

    When a vulnerable slug realizes he wields an eldritch power, he becomes what he fears most.

  19. Derezon 03:40
  20. Turkey 2019
    Directed by: Nesli Doğan, Sezgin Öztürk
    Screenplay: Nesli Doğan
    Animation: Samet Yarar
    Music: Ozan Kurtuluş
    Production/School: Sezgin Öztürk

    Mira is a little girl who in deep jungle. She crushes a tiny blue bird with her hands in gaily and passes the jungle. Then the giant corn cob that can be flying – takes the little girl to the fantastic farm. When she throws a bale of hay to the heads of the cows – golden points increase madly. Does Mira play this extreme and dangerous farm game or live?

  21. And yet we're not super heroes 12:45
  22. Belgium 2019
    Directed by: Lia Bertels
    Screenplay: Lia Bertels
    Production/School: Thierry Zamparutti, serge Kestemont, Nuno Amorim, Vanessa Ventura, Jeanne Thibord, Sidonie Garnie
    Dialogue language: English, French

    It takes time to grow up. And sometimes you even wonder if it’s really worth it… Then the children move slowly, at their own pace, the time to tame the world that awaits them. On the way, they ask questions and invent answers using their overflowing imagination. Carried by the voices of these little philosophers, the film depicts the journey of the imagination of childhood in the form of an animated road movie, populated by extraordinary créatures. A Cadillac trip during which these magnificent vagabonds share their unique experiences on the transition to the real world of adults. A journey full of surprises, doubts and joy.

  23. Bythos 04:55
  24. Italy 2019
    Directed by: Denis Ripamonti and Maria Noemi Grandi
    Screenplay: Maria Matilde Fondi, Maria Noemi Grandi, Denis Ripamonti, Francesco Tomba and Claudia Vanacore
    Animation: Maria Noemi Grandi (stop-motion animation), Denis Ripamonti (chroma key compositing)
    Technique: Papercut stop-motion animation
    Music: Marta Zibani
    Production/School: Denis Ripamonti, Maria Noemi Grandi and IULM University

    Bythos, the god of the sea depths. Bythos, the dark abyss. Two kids are cheerfully playing on the seashore. The sudden fall of the ball into the sea transforms the atmosphere of bucolic harmony in a palingenetic experience, dreamlike by the look, but with the real consistency of a deep truth.

  25. The Ride 09:00
  26. Korea 2019
    Directed by: Huh Hyunjung
    Animation: Huh Hyunjung
    Music: Joyul
    Dialogue language: English

    The animation was produced in 2019 based on the book . The narratives made by reflection and refraction of lights are slowly flowing and sparkling while running along the riverside.

  27. Clap-Stamp 02:30
  28. Korea 2019
    Directed by: Eunmi Kang
    Animation: Eunmi Kang
    Technique: 2D Digital
    Music: Sang-Yoon Lee
    Production/School: Eunmi Kang

    Hand prints and foot prints come together to create illusions of rhythmical frames.

  29. Creative Evolution / 創造的進化 05:00
  30. Japan 2019
    Directed by: Song Yungsung
    Animation: SONG Yungsung
    Technique: hand-drawn
    Music: SATO Ayako
    Production/School: ICE BUTTER

    The ideas of the film is based on the words from “Creative Evolution” by Bergson. The creative worlds of Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Delaunay and so many artists are connected each other and finally create new story of evolution of life. Where do I come from? What am I? Where am I going? Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Life keeps traveling across the universe.