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Italy 2019
Duration: 04:55
Directed by: Denis Ripamonti and Maria Noemi Grandi
Screenplay: Maria Matilde Fondi, Maria Noemi Grandi, Denis Ripamonti, Francesco Tomba and Claudia Vanacore
Animation: Maria Noemi Grandi (stop-motion animation), Denis Ripamonti (chroma key compositing)
Technique: Papercut stop-motion animation
Music: Marta Zibani
Production/School: Denis Ripamonti, Maria Noemi Grandi and IULM University

Bythos, the god of the sea depths. Bythos, the dark abyss. Two kids are cheerfully playing on the seashore. The sudden fall of the ball into the sea transforms the atmosphere of bucolic harmony in a palingenetic experience, dreamlike by the look, but with the real consistency of a deep truth.