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And yet we're not super heroes

Belgium 2019
Duration: 12:45
Directed by: Lia Bertels
Screenplay: Lia Bertels
Production/School: Thierry Zamparutti, serge Kestemont, Nuno Amorim, Vanessa Ventura, Jeanne Thibord, Sidonie Garnie
Dialogue language: English, French

It takes time to grow up. And sometimes you even wonder if it’s really worth it… Then the children move slowly, at their own pace, the time to tame the world that awaits them. On the way, they ask questions and invent answers using their overflowing imagination. Carried by the voices of these little philosophers, the film depicts the journey of the imagination of childhood in the form of an animated road movie, populated by extraordinary créatures. A Cadillac trip during which these magnificent vagabonds share their unique experiences on the transition to the real world of adults. A journey full of surprises, doubts and joy.