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Competition 3

Wednesday 21/11/2018 17:40 - 19:40 - Animation Marathon 2018 at Serafeio, City of Athens
Thursday 22/11/2018 12:00 - 14:00 - Animation Marathon 2018 at University of Athens and Athens School of Fine Arts
Total Duration: 02:07:30

  1. Dystopia 08:43
  2. Switzerland 2018
    Directed by: bellopropello
    Screenplay: bellopropello
    Animation: bellopropello
    Technique: 2D
    Music: diverse
    Production/School: bellopropello
    Dialogue language: no
    Subtitles language: not nessessary

    Soap bubbles infiltrate a robotic armaments factory. Subversiveness versus logical reasoning. Who will get the upper hand?

  3. Happiness 06:00
  4. Bulgaria 2018
    Directed by: Dimitar Dimitrov
    Screenplay: Dilyan Elenkov
    Animation: Dimitar Dimitrov
    Technique: Drawn on smartphone and tablet - Filpaclip app
    Music: Samuel Pocreau
    Production/School: Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dialogue language: Bulgarian
    Subtitles language: Bulgarian

    "A film about the crushing power of the ordinary, everyday life, which inevitably devours the dreams, the love, and the belief in the extraordinary. A life which means death to the artist."

  5. Beetles in Boxes / Käfer in Schachteln 04:00
  6. Germany 2014
    Directed by: Wojtek Skowron
    Screenplay: Wojtek Skowron
    Production/School: Wojtek Skowron

    This films is an ironic visual interpretation of a part of Ludwig Wittgenstein's 'private language argument'.

  7. Synched 02:23
  8. USA 2018
    Directed by: Cassie shao

    In the chaos, a man flees to the other side of the world only to find out that there is no escape.

  9. Red's Barbershop: The Sandbox and the Desk 01:24
  10. USA 2017
    Directed by: Daniel Maw
    Screenplay: Daniel Maw
    Production/School: Daniel Maw

    A continuous, animated loop providing an intimate look at various quiet, contemplative spaces I've created throughout my life.

  11. Don't Think of a Pink Elephant 07:20
  12. United Kingdom 2017
    Directed by: Suraya Raja
    Screenplay: Suraya Raja
    Animation: Daniel Amar Ferrus, Mole Hill, Suraya Raja
    Technique: Stop Motion
    Music: Matthew Peters
    Production/School: The National Film & Television School
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: can provide English, French, Spanish

    We’ve all had thoughts of what might happen should we jump from a high place, drop the baby, or stab someone with a fork. Usually we can dismiss them without a care – but what if we couldn’t? Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant enters the world of a teenage girl fighting daily against compulsive thoughts and urges. Layla is terrified by her potential to do harm, until challenged to face her darkest fears.

  13. Yank Tug Yank 03:09
  14. USA 2017
    Directed by: Maureen Zent

    Two combatants lock into a tug-of-war. One draws and the other heaves. Each pull is met with an equal jerk. Then one man finds the other's weakness. This allegory considers the question of tribalism—why does it occur and who benefits.

  15. Faceshop 05:31
  16. China 2018
    Directed by: Zhongwen Hu
    Screenplay: Zhongwen Hu
    Animation: Zhongwen Hu
    Technique: Zhongwen Hu
    Music: Antriksh Bali
    Production/School: Zhongwen Hu

    There is a shop located in a mysterious street that can help people to achieve their dream faces by cutting and modeling. It's called "Faceshop". One day, a man without a face came to the shop to have his first experience.

  17. Black 14:32
  18. Italy 2018
    Directed by: Sara Taigher
    Screenplay: Daniele Di Biasio, Chiara Babuin
    Animation: Alice Buscaldi, Francesco Forti, Yassmin Yaghmai, Sabrina De Marco
    Technique: Flash 2D
    Music: Inti d'Ayala Valva
    Production/School: So What Pictures, Sara Taigher
    Dialogue language: Italian
    Subtitles language: English

    Black tells the story of Matteo, a young electronic music producer that realises that he can't play music anymore because of a long blackout. While the city quickly adapts to the new situation, Matteo somehow manages to overcome his loneliness thanks to his neighbour Greta, a writer who makes him rediscover the pleasure of simple things.

  19. A Drawing 05:30
  20. USA 2018
    Directed by: Brad Condie
    Screenplay: Brad Condie
    Animation: yes
    Technique: Hand Drawn
    Music: yes
    Production/School: Brad Condie
    Dialogue language: English

    A young boy misses the chance to say goodbye to his dying Mother. Through a deep desire he wills himself to try to see her again.

  21. Fish 01:16
  22. Canada 2018
    Directed by: Paul Kennedy

    A lonely fish ventures out of his cramped bowl into a hostile world in search of a place to belong.

  23. Lion Nanny’s Journey 07:10
  24. China 2018
    Directed by: JunQing DuanMu
    Screenplay: JunQing DuanMu
    Production/School: Koji Yamamura
    Dialogue language: Japanese

    Lion Nanny rides the train and embarks on a life journey while interacting with those around it.

  25. Red & The Kingdom Of Sound 18:13
  26. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Phil Gomm
    Screenplay: Phil Gomm
    Production/School: Phil Gomm, Denise Harmer
    Dialogue language: English

    Red & The Kingdom Of Sound is an animated adaptation of Benjamin Britten's 1945 composition, The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra. Red & The Kingdom Of Sound visualises the symphony orchestra as a fantastical realm comprising fifteen different architectural districts deriving from the different musical instruments of the orchestra. Red, the animation's protagonist, personifies the new-comer to classical music as he makes his way through the distinctive musical terrains of Britten's orchestral landscape.

  27. Sweet Night 13:46
  28. Belgium 2018
    Directed by: Lia Bertels
    Screenplay: Lia Bertels
    Production/School: Thierry Zamparutti, Serge Kestemont

    In winter, in Himalaya, a bear does not manage to fall asleep. He thinks too much and is in the doldrums. When a white monkey suggests him going to eat some honey at his aunt to change him the ideas. A beautiful winter night opens has they and the bear realizes that he did well, not to fall asleep.

  29. Thaa Shin Pyu 12:00
  30. Myanmar 2017
    Directed by: Edo Vader
    Screenplay: Edo Vader
    Animation: Edo Vader
    Technique: 2D Animation
    Music: Yel Linn Aung
    Production/School: Edo Vader
    Dialogue language: Other
    Subtitles language: English

    Thaa Shin Pyu is means 'novitiation ceremony'. Ko Ba Maung has a plan to hold ordination for his son after harvesting rice. But government authorities and businessmen seized the land. After seizing the land by government authorities and businessmen, he became homeless. One day, a neighbor passed away while selling the kidney and he got the idea to sell his kidney to hold ordination for his son. On the way back after selling the kidney, he was robbed. Ko Ba Maung committed murder to get the money back which he earned withe his body organ. He was able to hold ordination ceremony for his son. But Ko Ba Maung's lifes end was not pretty.

  31. The Curse of the Mummy 07:50
  32. USA 2018
    Directed by: Alan Saunders
    Screenplay: Alan Saunders
    Dialogue language: English

    What's scarier than a mummy? A mummy with a bad credit score!

  33. Eyespeaker 05:46
  34. Sweden 2018
    Directed by: Martin Severinson/Henrik Meierkord
    Screenplay: Martin Severinson
    Animation: Martin Severinson
    Technique: Stills/photos/premiere
    Music: The Desert Folks
    Production/School: Henrik Meierkord
    Dialogue language: English

    The short film "Eyespeaker" explores the form of simple expression and addresses variations of human expressions. The project has focused on working with "common" people's voices to create an authentic feeling and real identity to the face as for its action. Each image's voice captures a current reflection of our time that invites both reflection in camps of both seriousness and humor. The short film's framework is meant to bring hope, empathy and a willingness to believe in man as an active critical thinking creature. Through the restrained format, we want to set the viewer in an atmosphere that gives life and curiosity to man. The title "Eyespeaker" focuses on eyes that speak and play at the same time as the phonetic opening that it is "you" - ie "me" - that speaks. A double-sided reference that points both to the artist's I, who formulated the texts, but also to all other possible "I" that exist around us all. As well as the Pictures speaks their are speakers of our time. The film is based on the artist Martin Severinson's drawings and texts together with Henrik Meierkord and Eric Palmqwist music. Henrik Meierkord has, in conjunction with Martin Severinson, drafted voices and voices.

  35. The Story of Our Workflow 01:25
  36. Malaysia 2018
    Directed by: Alex Safavinia
    Technique: 3D Animation
    Production/School: Kasra Design Studio
    Dialogue language: English

    The word "Workflow" sounds like routine, and routine spells boring. So we decided to spice things up a little. It aimed to be a video which tells our clients how we work with them on the production of their animated explainer video, in a less boring way.

  37. Geometry 01:32
  38. USA 2018
    Directed by: Simo Liu
    Screenplay: Simo Liu
    Animation: Simo Liu
    Technique: Digital Graphics
    Music: Pantawit Kiangsiri
    Production/School: Simo Liu

    Geometry is a visual music motion graphic animated piece. Inspired by Oskar Fischinger and John Whitney, Geometry combines graphic shapes with music to show a ball's journey.