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Sweden 2018
Duration: 05:46
Directed by: Martin Severinson/Henrik Meierkord
Screenplay: Martin Severinson
Animation: Martin Severinson
Technique: Stills/photos/premiere
Music: The Desert Folks
Production/School: Henrik Meierkord
Dialogue language: English

The short film "Eyespeaker" explores the form of simple expression and addresses variations of human expressions. The project has focused on working with "common" people's voices to create an authentic feeling and real identity to the face as for its action. Each image's voice captures a current reflection of our time that invites both reflection in camps of both seriousness and humor. The short film's framework is meant to bring hope, empathy and a willingness to believe in man as an active critical thinking creature. Through the restrained format, we want to set the viewer in an atmosphere that gives life and curiosity to man. The title "Eyespeaker" focuses on eyes that speak and play at the same time as the phonetic opening that it is "you" - ie "me" - that speaks. A double-sided reference that points both to the artist's I, who formulated the texts, but also to all other possible "I" that exist around us all. As well as the Pictures speaks their are speakers of our time. The film is based on the artist Martin Severinson's drawings and texts together with Henrik Meierkord and Eric Palmqwist music. Henrik Meierkord has, in conjunction with Martin Severinson, drafted voices and voices.