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Competition 3

Friday 26/11/2021 17:50 - 19:50 - Animation Marathon 2021 Schedule
Saturday 27/11/2021 08:00 - 10:00 - Animation Marathon 2021 Schedule - Repeat
Total Duration: 01:58:33

  1. Cast-Outs / Στο Γύψο 15:00
  2. Greece 2020
    Directed by: Alexandros Romanos Lizardos, Akis Melachris
    Screenplay: Alexandros Romanos Lizardos, Giorgos Komiotis
    Animation: Michalis Loukianos, Giorgos Melissaropoulos
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: Giorgos Sitotis
    Production/School: Aris Asimakopoulos
    Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    Through faulty handling that leads to the collapse of a penitentiary and mass escapes, newly appointed Jail-R suffers multiple fractures and loses his job. While convalescing, he is hired as a bank security guard. When the three masterminds behind the prison break hit the branch on his morning shift. Jail-R is called to rise to the occasion, with plaster cast and all.

  3. Polar Bear Bears Boredom 07:00
  4. Japan 2021
    Directed by: Koji Yamamura
    Screenplay: Koji Yamamura
    Animation: Koji Yamamura
    Technique: Drawing on paper
    Music: CASIO Toruko Onsen
    Production/School: Koji Yamamura
    Dialogue language: English, Japanese
    Subtitles language: English

    A polar bear who is very bored with various marine animals in the deep blue sea. It continues an ancient tradition of "Caricatures of Frolicking animals" in scroll painting-style; this time, "Frolicking Sea Animals," in animation form, with a play on Japanese and English language word-plays: "Hokyoku-Guma Suggoku Hima. / Polar bear bears boredom", "Kawauso Kawaisou. / Other otter, poor otter," etc.

  5. NORA 04:55
  6. 2021
    Directed by: Peter Böving
    Screenplay: Peter Böving
    Production/School: Peter Böving

    A peaceful afternoon in the parc. An exotic butterfly catches a young woman's attention - and with this a series of events is set off, which once again demonstrates the rightfulness of man's expulsion from paradise. Un après-midi paisible au parc. Un papillon exotique attire l’attention d’une jeune fille – entraînant ainsi toute une série d’événements qui, une fois de plus, ne sont pas sans conséquences et confirmant ainsi que l’Homme fut, à juste titre, chassé du paradis. Una tarde tranquila en el parque. Una exótica mariposa llama la atención de una chica, dando inicio a una serie de eventos que confirman una vez más, que el hombre fue expulsado con justa razón del paraíso.

  7. Cool The Climate! 28:39
  8. United States 2020
    Directed by: Denis Thomopoulos
    Screenplay: Denis Thomopoulos
    Production/School: Denis Thomopoulos, Adam Kulakow
    Dialogue language: English

    Simon the Hippo and friends go on a song-filled adventure while learning about the world's changing climate, the role that carbon dioxide and methane play, and the good green habits we can all develop to help cool the climate. Along their way the animals find out about topics such as the Greenhouse Effect, the Food Chain, the "Three Rs" (Reducing, Reusing, Recycling), Composting, and Carbon Offsetting. Willing to face the climate crisis, the animal friends then take the steps to help cool the climate – and urge us humans to do the same!

  9. The School Bell 03:59
  10. Canada 2021
    Directed by: Delaram Majdzadeh
    Screenplay: Delaram Majdzadeh
    Animation: Delaram Majdzadeh
    Technique: 2D Digital
    Music: YAT Communication
    Production/School: Sheridan College
    Dialogue language: English

    Based on a true story (kind of...). A young girl goes to an all-girls middle school in Iran while secretly bringing in her manga with her. One day her friend finds out and chaos ensues.

  11. Trapped 01:34
  12. United States of America 2021
    Directed by: Jethro tai
    Screenplay: Jethro tai
    Animation: Jethro tai
    Technique: Jethro tai
    Music: N/A
    Production/School: California Institute of the Arts

    Forced at gunpoint, a cowboy digs up treasure for a group of bandits. He must find a way to escape... before he ceases to be useful.

  13. Water,Water 02:10
  14. Japan 2020
    Directed by: WANG JUNJIE
    Screenplay: KUROSAKA KEITAI
    Animation: WANG JUNJIE
    Technique: analog
    Music: WANG JUNJIE
    Production/School: musashino art university
    Dialogue language: Japanese

    It express that there is a connection between water and even the smallest unit of humankind – its cells.

  15. Dear Viruses 03:15
  16. Japan 2021
    Directed by: WANG JUNJIE
    Screenplay: WANG JUNJIE
    Animation: WANG JUNJIE
    Technique: analog
    Music: Yuria
    Production/School: FUYAMA TARUTO
    Dialogue language: Japanese

    This work is a missive to the life form we call viruses in the hope that we can coexist. The relationship between humans and viruses is poetically expressed from a different perspective.

  17. Return 02:38
  18. United States 2021
    Directed by: Hongying Chen
    Dialogue language: English

    Falling from heaven to the sea, I was so scared that I wanted to escape from the sea. I was reborn after repeated failures, which make me realize the joy of being alive.

  19. The Bear 03:48
  20. China 2021
    Directed by: Yongtao Hu
    Dialogue language: English

    The Bear is a three-minute stop-motion animation that visualizes the love of a mother for her daughter. Although the old lady's Alzheimer's disease is getting worse and worse, she tries her best to remake a toy teddy bear for her daughter. The mother has forgotten everything but not her daughter.

  21. True Sound Façade 02:30
  22. United Kingdom 2020
    Directed by: Laura N-Tamara
    Screenplay: Laura N-Tamara
    Animation: Laura N-Tamara, Chiara Sgatti, Matthias Cucciniello, Laura Spark, Sujay Narayan
    Technique: 2D Digital / Live action
    Music: Narae Chung
    Production/School: The Smalls
    Dialogue language: n/a
    Subtitles language: n/a

    "True Sound Facade" is a poetic dance and animation film in which a dancer realises their digital self feels truer than their real world self. It was commissioned by the Barbican museum in London and stars dancer Kino McHugh. By combining live-action and animation, the film becomes a celebration of how our inner and outer lives merge with each other playfully in the act of artistic creation. It takes inspiration from the japanese notions of 'Honne' - the true sound, one's true feelings - and Tatemae - the façade we put up to live in society.

  23. A Bite of Bone 09:45
  24. Japan 2021
    Directed by: Honami Yano
    Screenplay: Honami Yano
    Animation: Honami Yano
    Technique: Dotting on paper, Hand Drawing
    Music: -
    Production/School: Koji Yamamura, sanae
    Dialogue language: Japanese
    Subtitles language: English

    A little girl reflects on her last summer with her father at his funeral.

  25. The World's Greatest Home 02:51
  26. India 2021
    Directed by: Zubair Pradhan
    Screenplay: Zubair Pradhan
    Animation: 3D Animation
    Technique: 3D Animation
    Music: Zubair Pradhan
    Production/School: Zubair Pradhan
    Dialogue language: English

    The 'World's Greatest Home' is a beautiful story about the journey of two children from remarkably different backgrounds and the exquisite world they build together. Set in Guerrero, Mexico, it begins with the protagonist Levi, a child separated from his family in Guerrero, who is now forced to scrummage through scraps to put a meal on his table. As he encounters David, a hometown boy from a seemingly high income family, he is introduced to a stunning world filled with superheroes, delicious food, swimming pools, amusement games and lots of color.

  27. Soulbrew 02:10
  28. Canada 2021
    Directed by: Phoebe Mao
    Screenplay: Phoebe Mao
    Animation: Phoebe Mao
    Technique: Phoebe Mao
    Music: Jacob Slous
    Production/School: Sheridan College
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    In a futuristic bar, a rude customer refuses to pay his bill and attacks the waiter robot who send him the bill. However, the bartender is not mad about this chaos because this is what she expects to see...

  29. The Dalang's Tale 06:10
  30. Malaysia 2021
    Directed by: Irwan Junaidy, Maizura Abas, Atiqah Mohd Abu Bakar
    Screenplay: Irwan Junaidy, Maizura Abas
    Animation: Julia Azureen, Atiqah Mohd Abu Bakar
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Andrew Bong
    Production/School: Irwan Junaidy, Zuhri Aziz, Ervin Han, Bernard Toh
    Dialogue language: Non-dialogue

    The Dalang's Tale is an animated short film about domestic violence with visuals inspired by Malaysian traditional wayang kulit or shadowpuppets. Two stories intertwine: one of a workaholic father and his growing impatience with his young son as they make their way to watch a shadow puppet master or dalang's show and the other of a man who dotes on his son but secretly inflicts acts of abuse on his wife before he disappears after a violent incident.

  31. Dad's Hibiscus 04:45
  32. United States of America 2021
    Directed by: Jiamu Tao
    Screenplay: Jiamu Tao
    Animation: Jiamu Tao
    Technique: 2D Hand-drawn Animation
    Music: Meghan Rose Scott
    Production/School: School of Visual Arts
    Dialogue language: English

    10-year-old Sammie tries to make the sun stay in the sky in order to save his hibiscus that only lives for one day.

  33. Locked inn 02:58
  34. Greece 2021
    Directed by: Stavrina Kykalou
    Screenplay: Stavrina Kykalou
    Animation: Stavrina Kykalou
    Technique: Stop motion puppet animation
    Music: Nick Dimakidis
    Production/School: -

    Due to Covid 19 pandemic, this is the 2nd lockdown in Greece and Fofo has to stay at home all alone. This time she's gonna do everything right. She'll take care of herself, exercise, read all those books she hasn't read, watch the films she didn't have the time to watch. But first of all, she won't get bored. Or will she?

  35. The Show 01:33
  36. 2021
    Directed by: Robertson Tirado
    Screenplay: Robertson Tirado, Dario Segui (composer)

    A old fashion gas station pump sings his heart out with a company of small bots.

  37. The Coincidental Killing of a Cat by an Unworldly Tune 02:33
  38. Turkey 2021
    Directed by: Maya Kurdoglu
    Screenplay: Zeynep Naz Kecelioglu
    Animation: Maya Kurdoglu
    Technique: cel animation, cut out animation, stop motion
    Music: Turgut Mavuk
    Production/School: Zeynep Naz Kecelioglu

    A cat wanders into a house where a mysterious musician plays a song that no mortal can bear to hear.

  39. URSA - The song of the Northern Lights 10:20
  40. Norway 2021
    Directed by: Natalia Malykhina
    Screenplay: Natalia Malykhina
    Animation: Masta Volkova, Natalia Malykhina
    Technique: 2D data
    Music: MAndy Senger, Band Jarnna
    Production/School: Ulvenfilm
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    A little polar bear Ursa is alone in the cold dark Arctic and looking for his mum. He walks through a blizzard, through icy cold tundra and sharp ice hummocks, towards the northern lights and the magic song in hope to find his mother. On his way Ursa meets different Arctic animals - friends and enemies, and after many challenges comes to the edge of the earth. In front of him is only the sea and the northern lights. And there in the distance, in the northern lights he sees his mum. Little polar bear is floating to her on an ice floe, and a big blue whale pushes him ahead. The floe becomes smaller and smaller and eventually melts. But Ursa still manages to reach the edge of the northern lights and there he meets his mum.