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The Dalang's Tale


Malaysia 2021
Duration: 06:10
Directed by: Irwan Junaidy, Maizura Abas, Atiqah Mohd Abu Bakar
Screenplay: Irwan Junaidy, Maizura Abas
Animation: Julia Azureen, Atiqah Mohd Abu Bakar
Technique: 2D
Music: Andrew Bong
Production/School: Irwan Junaidy, Zuhri Aziz, Ervin Han, Bernard Toh
Dialogue language: Non-dialogue

The Dalang's Tale is an animated short film about domestic violence with visuals inspired by Malaysian traditional wayang kulit or shadowpuppets. Two stories intertwine: one of a workaholic father and his growing impatience with his young son as they make their way to watch a shadow puppet master or dalang's show and the other of a man who dotes on his son but secretly inflicts acts of abuse on his wife before he disappears after a violent incident.