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The World's Greatest Home

India 2021
Duration: 02:51
Directed by: Zubair Pradhan
Screenplay: Zubair Pradhan
Animation: 3D Animation
Technique: 3D Animation
Music: Zubair Pradhan
Production/School: Zubair Pradhan
Dialogue language: English

The 'World's Greatest Home' is a beautiful story about the journey of two children from remarkably different backgrounds and the exquisite world they build together. Set in Guerrero, Mexico, it begins with the protagonist Levi, a child separated from his family in Guerrero, who is now forced to scrummage through scraps to put a meal on his table. As he encounters David, a hometown boy from a seemingly high income family, he is introduced to a stunning world filled with superheroes, delicious food, swimming pools, amusement games and lots of color.