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Competition 1

Wednesday 24/11/2021 20:00 - 22:00 - Animation Marathon 2021 Schedule
Thursday 25/11/2021 08:00 - 10:00 - Animation Marathon 2021 Schedule - Repeat
Total Duration: 01:56:38

  1. The Garden 06:32
  2. United States of America 2021
    Directed by: Bill McCarthy
    Screenplay: Bill McCarthy
    Animation: Animation
    Technique: Green Screen
    Music: Original music by Matt Venuti
    Production/School: Bill McCarthy
    Dialogue language: English

    The Garden is the story of a blind Indian Shaman who begins planting a garden at the gates of a nuclear weapons facility. The Shaman is confronted by the foreman who demands she stop planting. Disregarding his demand, the Shaman continues planting, resulting in a giant garden of sunflowers which overwhelms the staff of the facility and starts covering the nuclear plant. The Shaman then transforms into a giant sunflower, and blows her seeds to the entrances of nuclear facilities around the world, where they grow larger and larger.

  3. Pottero 10:00
  4. United States 2020
    Directed by: Lindsey Martin
    Screenplay: Lindsey Martin
    Production/School: Lindsey Martin
    Dialogue language: English

    Pottero is a 10 minute, animated film based on family folklore and issues surrounding mental health, accessible healthcare and social mobility.

  5. Balthazar & Snirt 05:10
  6. United States of America 2021
    Directed by: Jim Patrick McCullough, Anthony Ladesich
    Screenplay: Jim McCullough, Davis DeRock, Chad Crenshaw, Anthony Ladesich, Danelle Chapman, Keith Chapman
    Animation: Jim McCullough
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Noel Selders
    Production/School: Ignition FX
    Dialogue language: English

    During the age of monsters and magic... A fearless village idiot and an anxious wizard-in-training team up to slay a dragon on a quest full of a thousand monsters and exotic lands.

  7. I’m Here 04:44
  8. United States of America 2021
    Directed by: Jennifer Hathaway
    Screenplay: Jennifer Hathaway
    Animation: Jennifer Hathaway and Quinn Morehouse-Picton
    Technique: Autodesk Maya with Experimental Rendering Techniques
    Music: Genevieve Eckel
    Production/School: John B. Ludwick, Jennifer Hathaway, Ball State University
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: N/A

    Jenna, a thirteen year-old bullying victim, is brought to the brink after getting beat-up, and decides to end her life, but her Golden Retriever, Maizey, has other plans.

  9. CONNECTED - Log In for Intimacy 02:00
  10. Greece 2021
    Directed by: PENELOPE MOROUT
    Screenplay: PENELOPE MOROUT
    Animation: experimental animation, hand crafted model
    Technique: stop-motion, paper crafting, model making, video filming
    Music: original soundtrack from Chris Parapagidis, original text&recitation by Penelope Morout
    Production/School: PENELOPE MOROUT
    Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)
    Subtitles language: english

    We are living in a digital age, a time where every aspect of the world has its virtual alter-ego. We all the more exist in the virtual space rather than in the real one, where time is somewhat suspended. We can infinitely create and recreate our virtual identities, in order to fit in the body-image ideals projected through the internet. We are ultimately human beings: we crave for a sense of belonging in order to deal with solitude. Virtual space has no specific form. Its boundaries cannot be defined, time has no linearity. It is a rather ‘dead’ space, if we define a ‘living’ one by the actual, physical presence of human individuals, of moving bodies. It is, also, a lonely space if we consider how it creates the idea of proximity. Nevertheless, it is just an idea: it can never be materialized unless we "escape" the virtual space and enter the actual one. Meanwhile, we suspend "in there", fragmented. And little by little, we forget ourselves and lose our sense of purpose. And I wonder: after living so long in the virtual space, constantly transforming and adapting depending on which community we want to fit in, how can we reenter the real space, embracing our physical form, engaging in tangible communication? Remembering what once was, how we used to communicate is not the solution: memory can act as a point of departure but shouldn’t necessarily be the point of arrival, since we will never be the same again. Our current reality demands to invent new ways of communicating, of existing. It cries out for a new body.

  11. Feels / Филс 03:50
  12. Latvia 2021
    Directed by: Stas Bashkatov
    Screenplay: Kaspars Roga, Stas Bashkatov
    Animation: Kirill Blumenkrants
    Technique: Animation 2D
    Music: Brainstorm
    Production/School: BrainStorm Records Company & Zorge Cinema
    Dialogue language: English

    A 7-year-old girl in a wheelchair feels very lonely sitting in her room. Her only friend is a little ant in a formicarium. She falls asleep and gets into an alternative reality with the four elements superheroes. Her abilities become limitless here. She enjoys life, flies and fight with the enemy. She returns home happy, strong and self-confident.

  13. Devour 03:27
  14. United States of America 2021
    Directed by: Kate Raney
    Screenplay: None
    Animation: 2D
    Technique: Hand-drawn, rotoscope
    Music: None
    Production/School: Independent

    Consumption considered, the din of dining. Using reference videos from my front yard, I created animations and collaged them with cyanotypes of garden material and audio field recordings from travels near and far. The resulting moment in my microcosm becomes a consideration of life cycles and habitats.

  15. the wild variety 03:20
  16. Australia 2021
    Directed by: Jayden Van Win
    Screenplay: Jayden Van Win
    Animation: Jayden Van Win
    Technique: Jayden Van Win
    Music: Survive by Phil Phanton and Tom Barnes
    Production/School: Solo Production
    Dialogue language: English

    a comical slice-of-life look into the daily lives of a variety of wild animals.

  17. Ruth & Nick: A Confectionery Tale 06:21
  18. United States 2021
    Directed by: Carter Rostron
    Screenplay: Carter Rostron
    Production/School: Carter Rostron
    Dialogue language: English

    This stop-motion animated short tells the bittersweet story of Nick, a piece of candy who falls in love with a girl who seems out of reach. This film was made by 15-year-old Carter Rostron of Kansas City, using cardboard, construction paper, and a bunch of candy.

  19. The Boy and The Mountain / El niño y la montaña 11:23
  20. Chile 2020
    Directed by: Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal
    Screenplay: Pablo Aguirre, , Santiago Aguilera, Aarón Navia, Gabriel Monreal
    Animation: Ángel Pérez Opazo, Axel Pailamilla, Cristian Carvajal, Fernanda González, Matías Pérez
    Technique: 3D
    Music: Miranda y Tobar
    Production/School: N/A
    Dialogue language: Spanish
    Subtitles language: English

    Hernán is a child who likes to daydreaming, but in his studies he is not doing well at all. His father constantly urges him to improve, advising him that he must reach very high to succeed in life. Hernán dispenses with his dream, gradually forgetting it to devote himself to his studies. Over time, and already become a successful entrepreneur, Hernán achieves the dream that his father instilled in him, reach high, until one day he will realize that he has not really achieved something he always longed for. Then he will make the crucial decision to fulfill his dream, but fate will play tricks on him. Hernán will have to face a new challenge that will change the meaning of his life.

  21. Ruby & Roach 08:48
  22. South Africa 2020
    Directed by: Erentia Bedeker
    Screenplay: Dorette Nel
    Animation: Erentia Bedeker
    Technique: Cut-out Stop Motion
    Music: Mart-Marie Snyman & Siobhan Lloyd-Jones
    Production/School: Abyss South Africa
    Dialogue language: English

    TWO SALE TOYS, CRUELLY REJECTED BY THE BUYING PUBLIC BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT, MAKE A DARING ESCAPE AND END UP SOMEWHERE QUITE UNEXPECTED AND SOMEHOW WONDERFUL... In an airport, where a flood of anonymous faces hurry by, and airport stores’ shelves are stacked with dozens of identical products, lives Ruby and Roach, two SALE toys. Discarded to the sale shelf, because they are different, they seem fated to stay behind as all the other toys find their forever homes. Sometimes they get lucky and someone takes them off the shelf for closer inspection. But they’re soon put back. Ruby because of her stained ear and Roach… well… he's a cockroach. One day, Ruby, tired of her dreary life, decides to take action and jumps into an open bag on someone's trolley. Roach, in a moment of sheer panic, jumps after her. But before the duo can climb out of the bag, someone zips the bag closed, trapping them. After a short trip in complete darkness, the bag goes through airport security scanner. On screen Roach’s feelers resemble wires of a bomb and… bam! They trigger a bomb scare. The bomb squad arrives, decide Ruby and Roach are harmless and toss the seemingly worthless toys into a dustbin. Freedom at last! Until a dark shadow is cast over the bin... Soon Ruby & Roach find themselves on a rubbish dump. All seems lost till a little girl who lives on the dump, discovers them… It’s a story laden with metaphor about prejudice in society, as well as the generic, mass manufactured nature of the things we desire - told from the point of view of the imperfect and unconventional reject pile.

  24. Greece 2021
    Directed by: Natasa Roustani
    Screenplay: Natasa Roustani
    Animation: Natasa Roustani
    Technique: Digital
    Music: Mor-Giannis Alexandropoulos
    Production/School: Hellenic Open University
    Dialogue language: Greek
    Subtitles language: English

    A walk from Viktoria Square to Omonoia Square, Athens, through Patision Str. Meeting the repeating historical motifs until a tidal bore ruins the city. A childhood's nightmare, repetitive attempts of breathing, a drowning city. How does a civilization end? Walking through this specific route can become a dense tour of the regional history: The Acropolis, the Archaeological Museum, the Polytechnic University - the scene of the student's bloodstained revolution against Junta on 1973, the fountains- remains of swimming pools built for the poor refugee children during the '30s, the homelessness, drug abuse and human trafficking as integral parts of the history of the area, the Zackie Oh Str- where the drag artist and activist Zak Kostopoulos was murdered on 2018 by a local goldsmith, a real estate agent and the police, the Omonoia fountain- a symbol of the gentrification of the city centre and the arrogance of the authorities. On 2018, passing by Kypseli's Sq, I saw two of my Afghan pupils bathing in the fountain and playing with a ball. Considering this image an integral part of the urban landscape, I decided to include it in my animation, placing the children in the fountain on Egypt's sq. Discussing about it with a friend, to my surprise, she informed me that this specific fountain was built during the '30s as a swimming pool for the poor refugee children. As G. Kubler in 'The shape of time remarks on the history of things' indicates the repetition of shapes and images in a larger time continuum, I wonder about the repetition of social oppressions and the people's breathing attempts, through the times of this route.

  25. Immortality / Αθανασία 20:30
  26. Greece 2020
    Directed by: Nikoletta Chouchouli
    Screenplay: Nikoletta Chouchouli
    Animation: Nikoletta Chouchouli
    Technique: cutout, stop motion
    Music: Dimitrios Mantzirakis
    Production/School: Nikoletta Chouchouli / New York College, Athens
    Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)
    Subtitles language: English

    The Greek writer Gregorios Xenopoulos recollects a special day in his childhood when he met a beautiful young woman named Athanasia, while spending his days at his aunt’s house. That woman was meant to stay in his mind forever and serve as his muse.

  27. CoronaViolence 06:25
  28. Greece 2020
    Directed by: Alexia Tsouni
    Screenplay: Alexia Tsouni
    Animation: Iren Kontou
    Technique: stop-motion
    Music: Stefan Kartenberg
    Production/School: FemArtAct
    Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)
    Subtitles language: english, french, italian, spanish, portuguese

    During the COVID-19 quarantine, an immigrant woman, along with her minor children and witnesses, resorts to the Police Station to report domestic violence. She is expelled, under the pretext, among others, of the coronavirus. A true story, unfortunately, which happened in Athens in March 2020. Fortunately, solidarity had the last word.

  29. Handprint Parade 03:19
  30. Korea 2021
    Directed by: Eunmi Kang
    Screenplay: Eunmi Kang
    Animation: Eunmi Kang
    Technique: handprints, 2d digital
    Music: Sang Yoon Lee
    Production/School: Eunmi Kang

    A child's handprint transforms into multiple patterns that interact with musical beats and rhythms to create an audiovisual parade. Preliminary handprint images act as visual components in compositing the patterns like toy blocks.

  31. Elevator Alone 03:38
  32. Greece 2021
    Directed by: Anastasia Papadopoulou
    Screenplay: Anastasia Papadopoulou
    Animation: Anastasia Papadopoulou
    Technique: stop motion
    Music: John Kiritsis
    Production/School: University of West Attica

    Four people and the time they spend in an elevator. Inspired by everyday life and by the difference in people's behavior when they are alone, in contrast to the socially acceptable behavior that individuals adopt when in public space and especially in the confined and always awkward setting of an elevator.

  33. Season 07:51
  34. France 2019
    Directed by: Giovanna Lopalco
    Screenplay: Giovanna Lopalco
    Animation: Dalila Rovazzani, Giulia Landi
    Technique: 2D Animation
    Music: Andrea Martignoni
    Production/School: Insolence productions
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    A cortege of men dressed in white are walking a young woman to a strange procession. Around this dark landscape, a perpetually moving world will start the metamortphosis of her body.

  35. Home Remedy 02:24
  36. Canada 2021
    Directed by: Santiago Zorrilla Medina Luna
    Screenplay: Santiago Zorrilla Medina Luna, Andrea García de Alba Lobeira
    Animation: Santiago Zorrilla Medina Luna
    Technique: 3D animation
    Music: 5 Alarm Music
    Production/School: Andrea García de Alba Lobeira
    Dialogue language: English

    Bored during a global pandemic, 10-year-old Pat struggles to entertain himself when suddenly an ad pops up on his tablet, offering him the "cure" to his problems: a free quarantine friend.