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CONNECTED - Log In for Intimacy

Greece 2021
Duration: 02:00
Animation: experimental animation, hand crafted model
Technique: stop-motion, paper crafting, model making, video filming
Music: original soundtrack from Chris Parapagidis, original text&recitation by Penelope Morout
Production/School: PENELOPE MOROUT
Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)
Subtitles language: english

We are living in a digital age, a time where every aspect of the world has its virtual alter-ego. We all the more exist in the virtual space rather than in the real one, where time is somewhat suspended. We can infinitely create and recreate our virtual identities, in order to fit in the body-image ideals projected through the internet. We are ultimately human beings: we crave for a sense of belonging in order to deal with solitude. Virtual space has no specific form. Its boundaries cannot be defined, time has no linearity. It is a rather ‘dead’ space, if we define a ‘living’ one by the actual, physical presence of human individuals, of moving bodies. It is, also, a lonely space if we consider how it creates the idea of proximity. Nevertheless, it is just an idea: it can never be materialized unless we "escape" the virtual space and enter the actual one. Meanwhile, we suspend "in there", fragmented. And little by little, we forget ourselves and lose our sense of purpose. And I wonder: after living so long in the virtual space, constantly transforming and adapting depending on which community we want to fit in, how can we reenter the real space, embracing our physical form, engaging in tangible communication? Remembering what once was, how we used to communicate is not the solution: memory can act as a point of departure but shouldn’t necessarily be the point of arrival, since we will never be the same again. Our current reality demands to invent new ways of communicating, of existing. It cries out for a new body.