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Competition 7

Friday 10/11/2017 16:40 - 18:20 - Animation Marathon 2017 Schedule
Total Duration: 01:36:42

  1. Analogue 02:30
  2. USA 2016
    Directed by: Ryan Rakes

  3. BAMF 04:02
  4. USA 2016
    Directed by: Carmine LaMorte, Daniel Scheg, Francisco Dias

  5. Élan Vital 02:37
  6. USA 2016
    Directed by: Helen Kwok

  7. Hanami 03:30
  8. USA 2016
    Directed by: Amanda Tolentino, Ashley Domondon

  9. Indigo 03:04
  10. USA 2016
    Directed by: Jim Li

  11. Ping An 02:53
  12. USA 2016
    Directed by: Ranran Meng, Jey Xia

  13. Still There 02:18
  14. USA 2016
    Directed by: DJ Kim

  15. Steps 01:22
  16. Netherlands 2017
    Directed by: Erik van Schaaik
    Screenplay: Erik van Schaaik
    Animation: Erik van Schaaik
    Technique: 3D Computer Animation
    Music: Martin Fondse

    The turbulent struggle between father and son. A minimalist epic.

  17. Ships Passing in the Night 12:05
  18. Germany 2016
    Directed by: Elisabeth Zwimpfer

    Malaika lives in Europe, Pombalo in Africa. She collects stranded goods, he is a fisherman. As the nets remain empty, he sets off to Europe.  At the shore they face each other as ships passing in the night.

  19. The Arrow On My Throat 03:20
  20. United Kingdom 2017
    Directed by: Sebastian Nicolai Soper & Arthur Bently
    Screenplay: Ella Rimmer, Sebastian Nicolai Soper, Arthur Bently
    Animation: Arthur Bently, Sebastian Nicolai Soper
    Technique: 3D digital, Hand drawn, Live action
    Music: Arthur Bently, Ella Rimmer
    Production/School: University of the Arts London: London College of Communication
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: none

    A film about how self-destructive forces in life can be the same forces driving creative expression, which looks at this paradox of struggle and catharsis through poetry and music. Made using 3D digital processes incorporating both drawn and live action materiel, and featuring the words, voice and performance of writer and singer Ella Rimmer.

  21. Sparrow of Shaolin 06:09
  22. Canada 2017
    Directed by: Paul Johnson
    Screenplay: Paul Johnson
    Animation: Paul Johnson
    Technique: 2d pixel art
    Music: Paul Johnson
    Production/School: n/a
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    TU hates the Shaolin Temple. He really, really doesn't like those guys. So when TU finds out that WANG YI and SPARROW have Shaolin Secret Manual in their library, he does what any maniacal despotic lunatic would do - he sends his best 8 assassins to ambush WANG YI and SPARROW to steal the book and give TU the ultimate power of transformation! Will this finally be his chance to put an end to Shaolin Temple forever? Not if SPARROW OF SHAOLIN has anything to say about it!

  23. Dead Nature / Nature morte 03:53
  24. Netherlands 2016
    Directed by: Jeroen ter Welle
    Screenplay: J. ter Welle
    Animation: J, ter Welle
    Technique: photo's /video
    Music: none
    Production/School: The flying pinguin
    Dialogue language: none
    Subtitles language: none

    A still life that comes to live. In the beginning of this short film we see a landscape photo, but very soon we see movement, the landscape starts to live. To achieve this I have used animations, photos and video. In the beginning of the film the material mainly contains images made close to the place where the first photo of this film was made, but towards the end we see more and more “ imported landscapes “. Images from totally different landscapes, made on totally different locations. The main subject of this short film is the still image that comes to live and mutates in to totally different landscapes, but where we also always will return to the still image we saw at the start of the film. I did chose a title in French, because in French the word for a stillive literally means dead nature.

  25. Blows With The Wind / در باد می وزد 06:06
  26. Iran 2017
    Directed by: Hazhir As'adi
    Screenplay: Hazhir As'adi
    Animation: Mohsen Jafari
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Koohiar Peik
    Production/School: Hazhir As'adi & Iranian Youth Cinema Society
    Dialogue language: Non dialogue

    After occurring some events for the scarecrow, scarecrow becomes human.

  27. Distrust 03:04
  28. USA 2017
    Directed by: Sam Rolfes
    Animation: Sam rolfes
    Technique: Real-time in game engine
    Music: Distrust-- Lunice ft. Denzel Curry, JK Flesh, & Nell
    Dialogue language: English

    Choked and pinned with glowing scraps of regressive netscum, a body thrashes and steps through the digital visual violence as a familiar green figure hangs splayed, pierced by a spear, entrails out, while Denzel Curry and Lunice Facetime in to watch. Distrust was recorded live within a game engine, similarly to Rolfes’ previous videos for Amnesia Scanner, Danny L Harle, & his clips for Rihanna’s VMA performance. Performer Aarron Ricks twists and flows through the digital environment, stretching and manipulating the violent imagery while Rolfes triggers transitions, lights, and deformations.

  29. Marydean Martin Library 00:51
  30. USA 2016
    Directed by: Jo Meuris
    Animation: Jo Meuris
    Technique: Hand-drawn Animation

    Promotional video for the Marydean Martin Library at Nevada State College, the first digital library in the state of Nevada.

  31. The Box 07:06
  32. Germany 2016
    Directed by: Luzie Ilgner

  33. Metamorphose / Rock Matrix 2: Metamorphose 09:57
  34. United Kingdom 2016
    Directed by: Dmitri Domoskanov
    Animation: Stop-Motion
    Technique: Stop-motion
    Music: Metammorphose - Calum Ruhardi Clark
    Production/School: Plymouth University
    Dialogue language: none

    We live, die and repeat. Animation “Metamorphose” is the story of beginning and end. The unending cycle of connections and moves which repeat themselves over and over, same as our life. This animation shows this idea in different reality every creature lives its own life and yet influences on others. This animation shows our everyday life from different angle. Every one of us have a specific sequence of life: We wake up, work, go to sleep and wake up again but most of the time we do not realize that our move somehow influences on many different lives. It is too hard to understand why killing butterfly in the past will cause catastrophe in present. “Rock Matrix” shows this idea in the simplest way. Simplicity of this animation gives people ability to examine the idea of life cycle in much more details, understand it in their own way and just think deeply about our daily routine.

  35. Prychynna: The Story of Love / Prychynna 21:55
  36. Ukraine 2017
    Directed by: Andrii Shcherbak
    Screenplay: Andrii Shcherbak
    Animation: Andrii Shcherbak, Yevheniia Ternova, Valentyna Kuzmych
    Technique: CG painting
    Music: Tetiana Shamshetdinova
    Production/School: MaGiKa-Film
    Dialogue language: without dialogues
    Subtitles language: english

    The war separates lovers, but their hearts remain together. The young woman loses her mind, but love gives her strength to wait for her beloved.