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USA 2017
Duration: 03:04
Directed by: Sam Rolfes
Animation: Sam rolfes
Technique: Real-time in game engine
Music: Distrust-- Lunice ft. Denzel Curry, JK Flesh, & Nell
Dialogue language: English

Choked and pinned with glowing scraps of regressive netscum, a body thrashes and steps through the digital visual violence as a familiar green figure hangs splayed, pierced by a spear, entrails out, while Denzel Curry and Lunice Facetime in to watch. Distrust was recorded live within a game engine, similarly to Rolfes’ previous videos for Amnesia Scanner, Danny L Harle, & his clips for Rihanna’s VMA performance. Performer Aarron Ricks twists and flows through the digital environment, stretching and manipulating the violent imagery while Rolfes triggers transitions, lights, and deformations.