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Metamorphose / Rock Matrix 2: Metamorphose

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United Kingdom 2016
Duration: 09:57
Directed by: Dmitri Domoskanov
Animation: Stop-Motion
Technique: Stop-motion
Music: Metammorphose - Calum Ruhardi Clark
Production/School: Plymouth University
Dialogue language: none

We live, die and repeat. Animation “Metamorphose” is the story of beginning and end. The unending cycle of connections and moves which repeat themselves over and over, same as our life. This animation shows this idea in different reality every creature lives its own life and yet influences on others. This animation shows our everyday life from different angle. Every one of us have a specific sequence of life: We wake up, work, go to sleep and wake up again but most of the time we do not realize that our move somehow influences on many different lives. It is too hard to understand why killing butterfly in the past will cause catastrophe in present. “Rock Matrix” shows this idea in the simplest way. Simplicity of this animation gives people ability to examine the idea of life cycle in much more details, understand it in their own way and just think deeply about our daily routine.