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Sparrow of Shaolin

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Canada 2017
Duration: 06:09
Directed by: Paul Johnson
Screenplay: Paul Johnson
Animation: Paul Johnson
Technique: 2d pixel art
Music: Paul Johnson
Production/School: n/a
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

TU hates the Shaolin Temple. He really, really doesn't like those guys. So when TU finds out that WANG YI and SPARROW have Shaolin Secret Manual in their library, he does what any maniacal despotic lunatic would do - he sends his best 8 assassins to ambush WANG YI and SPARROW to steal the book and give TU the ultimate power of transformation! Will this finally be his chance to put an end to Shaolin Temple forever? Not if SPARROW OF SHAOLIN has anything to say about it!