Official Selection

I Would Be a Musician / Byl bych muzikantem

Czech Republic 2023
Duration: 11:16
Directed by: Dita Stuchlíková
Screenplay: Jana Mílková, Dita Stuchlíková
Animation: Dita Stuchlíková
Technique: Hand-drawn, coal
Music: Aleš Macenauer
Production/School: Dita Stuchlíková
Dialogue language: Czech

I Would Have Been a Musician tells the story of the life of a miner and his daughter against the backdrop of a catastrophic event in 1970 at the Paskov mine, part of the largest mining area in the Czech Republic. Using scraps of memories and archival work, it presents one of the many workers' lives that are often wrongly perceived as ordinary and mundane. Yet they are often full of thrilling stories and traumatic events. The film is created by absolute animation and drawn by hand using charcoal and crayons. It works with the memory not only of people, but also of places that carry traces of human stories.

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