The Art / European Animation Center with the support of Romantso organizes the 1st Marathon Animation.

The program includes screenings, exhibitions and presentation of upcoming digital art workshops, that will be held in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts.

The 1st Animation Marathon aims to become a forum of artists from Greece and abroad, related to animation and audiovisual arts in general, and who, to a large extent, will explore and expand the boundaries both in the field of animation and of various forms of visual arts.

In this first Marathon, Greek and foreign artists of diverse backgrounds are invited to "run" and offer their work and knowledge selflessly hoping to motive all of you.
Join us...

November 22 - 28, 2015
ROMANTSO, Anaxagoras str. 3-5, Athens
T.: +30 210 72 93 694

Free entry


©Artwork by Piotr Dumała