Official Selection

The Choolers: Fish and Meat / The Choolers: Viandes & Poissons

Belgium 2023
Duration: 13:17
Directed by: Monsieur Pimpant
Screenplay: Monsieur Pimpant
Animation: Monsieur Pimpant
Technique: 3d
Music: The Choolers
Production/School: PinPanProduction, La S Grand Atelier
Dialogue language: French
Subtitles language: english

“Viandes et Poisson” pulls you into the world of experimental hip-hop group Choolers Division, whose members are artists-in-residence at the art brut center La S in Belgium. From a humorous crescendo of energy, they create a new song, setting intuition and emotion to a beat, giving a glimpse into a cacophony of deep friendship and unbridled creativity in a world that often seeks to ignore them.

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