Official Selection

Brewberry Spell

Germany 2023
Duration: 09:37
Directed by: Annika Nimz
Screenplay: Annika Nimz
Animation: Eva Ewerhart, Iris Caro Chavalera, Maren Trey, Annika Nimz
Technique: rig animation and frame by frame fx animation
Music: Jakob Widerin
Production/School: Annika Nimz
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

Olivia wishes to take Connie, the barista, on a date. But since people make fun of her witchy looks, Olivia is shy and insecure about the way she appears. To work up the courage to ask her crush out, Olivia brews a dangerous potion and alters her appearance. But the date will not end in a way Olivia hopes.

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