Official Selection

Daughters of Mamma Sea / دخترای ننه دریا

Special Mention

Iran 2023
Duration: 03:32
Directed by: Sahar Ghafurian
Screenplay: Ahmad Shamlou
Animation: Sahar Ghafurian
Technique: Stop Motion
Music: Hossein Alizadeh
Production/School: Sahar Ghafurian
Dialogue language: Persian

Ahmad Shamlou, the great Iranian contemporary poet, is telling us the love story of the daughters of Mamma Sea and the Sons of Uncle Desert. It's a unique experience to watch how their world literally turns around to stop these lovers from being together. Especially when all the curses and attempts to separate them comes from Mamma Sea. Girls and boys struggle to reach each other and you watch a new tale of an old story: Will they finally succeed?

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