Official Selection

The foam and the lion


Portugal 2022
Duration: 18:30
Directed by: Cláudio Jordão
Screenplay: Cláudio Jordão
Animation: Cláudio Jordão
Technique: 3D/2D
Music: João Paulo Nunes
Production/School: António Costa Valente
Dialogue language: Portuguese

On July 6th, 1808, the "Bom Sucesso" caique and 18fishermen left Olhão, in Portugal, towards Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), taking with them the good news that Portugal was finally free of Napoleon's enemy troops. But in the midst of a great storm, men lose their bearings and faith. The "Bom Sucesso" caique enters an enchanted realm, where a fantastic Marine Creature falls in love with him and will try to save him from a tenebrous Monster in the service of the enemy.

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