Official Selection

The Path of the Knight

United States of America 2023
Duration: 07:49
Directed by: Yexin Chai, Yuan Cao, Yifei Jin
Screenplay: Yuan Cao
Animation: Yifei Jin, Yuan Cao
Technique: Yifei Jin, Yexin Chai, Yuan Cao
Music: Biheng Xu
Production/School: School of Visual Arts
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

The Path of The Knight is a 5 minutes 3D animated short film set in the 15th century. Society is suffering from wars, poverty, and diseases. Wanting to hold on to power, the church announces that the disasters are not due to God’s will, but blames an easy target: witches. The audience follows a knight where he abandons his duties for self-recognition during this time of persecution.

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