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Competition 7

Tuesday 29/11/2022 18:20 - 19:20 - Animation Marathon 2022 Schedule
Wednesday 30/11/2022 06:20 - 07:20 - Animation Marathon 2022 Schedule - Repeat
Total Duration: 00:42:57

  1. THE LOST PAINTING / Ο Χαμένος Πίνακας 01:02
  2. Greece 2022
    Directed by: Thodoris Sarafis
    Screenplay: Christos Christofis
    Animation: Thodoris Sarafis
    Technique: Digital 2D Animation
    Music: Christos Maragoudakis
    Production/School: Thodoris Sarafis
    Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    What is art? How is it valued? How is it presented? Can nothing be art? And if yes... can I buy it? It would make a great dinner table conversation! The neighbours would be sooo jealous!!!

  3. A DREAM OF HIMERA / Un sogno di Himera 04:54
  4. Italy 2022
    Directed by: Gianfrancesco Iacono
    Screenplay: Gianfrancesco Iacono
    Animation: Gianfrancesco Iacono
    Technique: 2D Digital
    Music: Alessandro Arrigo
    Production/School: Gianfrancesco Iacono
    Dialogue language: Italian
    Subtitles language: English

    Sicily. A wizard roams the desolate plain where the ancient Greek colony of Himera once stood. The man’s power brings life to the Greek spirits for a short time. An illusion of beauty against the devastation of a territory carried out by contemporary society.

  6. United Kingdom 2021
    Directed by: Heidi Sarah Stokes
    Screenplay: Heidi Sarah Stokes
    Animation: 2D animation
    Technique: hand - drawn / collage
    Production/School: Heidi Sarah Stokes
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English / French

    'Weekly Planner' explores a need to celebrate the everyday, in all its simplicity and complexity.

  8. United Kingdom 2021
    Directed by: Alexandra Eleni Lappa
    Screenplay: Alexandra Eleni Lappa
    Animation: Alexandra Eleni Lappa
    Technique: Digital 2D Animation
    Music: Emma Jackson
    Production/School: Bath Spa University
    Dialogue language: English

    Two friends, Juno and Harlem, set off on a long adventure to collect the first item for the scavenger hunt they are taking part in. They travel for hours through deep valleys and vast forests, encountering magnificent places they have never visited before. Upon arrival at their first destination, they are greeted by an unexpected individual followed by an even more confusing addition to their party.

  10. Malaysia 2021
    Directed by: Ayie Ibrahim
    Screenplay: Ayie Ibrahim
    Animation: Ayie Ibrahim
    Technique: 2D digital hand drawn
    Music: Andrew Bong
    Production/School: Ayie Ibrahim
    Dialogue language: Non dialogue

    When human beings value the life of nature, where they respect and learn from it, then it can strengthen the loving relationship between nature and human. The Pillar of Strength is a narrative storytelling about the people in the Borneo archipelago who adhere to the belief of their ancestors that the God of War, 'Sengalang Burong,' who comes from heaven as a respected and dignified god, who has a spiritual energy that is considered to be an intermediary between human life, animals and nature. Revolves around a warrior son of the Iban tribe on the island of Borneo where his father is a respected warrior who adheres to the ancestral beliefs of his ancestors.

  11. SHALL WE TALK? 05:00
  12. Russia 2020
    Directed by: Katya Mikheeva
    Screenplay: Anastasia Patlay
    Animation: Katya Mikheeva
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Alexey Prosvirnin
    Production/School: Illuminator (producer Pavel Loparev)
    Dialogue language: Russian
    Subtitles language: English

    Polina is a bisexual Russian girl. This short film documents her coming out to a family.

  13. ONCE I PASSED 10:00
  14. Germany 2022
    Directed by: Martin Gerigk
    Screenplay: Martin Gerigk
    Animation: Martin Gerigk
    Technique: Martin Gerigk
    Music: Martin Gerigk
    Production/School: Martin Gerigk
    Dialogue language: English

    Walt Whitman is one of the most important poets in American literature. His main work, Leaves of Grass, was written over a period of forty years, and describes human nature, society, and the natural world, both physically and philosophically. Many have speculated about Whitman's private life, to this day. Whitman never wrote publicly about his personal relationships. In 1860, he published his poem "Once I Passed Through a Populous City", an aphoristic account of a romantic relationship with an unknown woman. In 1925, the original handwritten copy of the poem was discovered, in which Whitman writes, however, not about a woman but about an affair with a man in an anonymous city, which may have been his first physical experience of love. Whitman did not dare to publish the original version of his poem, because of the social prejudices of his time. To this day, only the altered version is printed in most anthologies. "Once I passed" is dedicated, on the one hand, to the obviously autobiographical context with all its personal drama, and on the other hand to the content of the poem itself, the profoundly quiet, yet powerful story of two lovers.

  15. HAVEN 06:02
  16. USA 2022
    Directed by: Peter Whittenberger
    Screenplay: Peter Whittenberger
    Animation: Peter Whittenberger
    Technique: 2D and 3D animation
    Music: Peter Whittenberger
    Production/School: Peter Whittenberger

    Inspired by the Truckee River Basin of the Sierra Nevadas, Haven explores the competition for resources and the responsibility of balance in natural habitats. The work reflects the impact of overpopulation and a desire to live in competing habitats, destroying the homes of all species.