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Malaysia 2021
Duration: 07:32
Directed by: Ayie Ibrahim
Screenplay: Ayie Ibrahim
Animation: Ayie Ibrahim
Technique: 2D digital hand drawn
Music: Andrew Bong
Production/School: Ayie Ibrahim
Dialogue language: Non dialogue

When human beings value the life of nature, where they respect and learn from it, then it can strengthen the loving relationship between nature and human. The Pillar of Strength is a narrative storytelling about the people in the Borneo archipelago who adhere to the belief of their ancestors that the God of War, 'Sengalang Burong,' who comes from heaven as a respected and dignified god, who has a spiritual energy that is considered to be an intermediary between human life, animals and nature. Revolves around a warrior son of the Iban tribe on the island of Borneo where his father is a respected warrior who adheres to the ancestral beliefs of his ancestors.