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Competition 4

Wednesday 20/11/2019 09:00 - 11:00 - Animation Marathon 2019 at Department of Early Childhood Education
Total Duration: 01:58:14

  1. Muedra 09:00
  2. Spain 2019
    Directed by: Cesar Díaz Meléndez
    Screenplay: César Díaz Meléndez
    Animation: César Díaz Meléndez
    Technique: stop motion
    Music: César Díaz Meléndez
    Production/School: Mizunonaka
    Dialogue language: without
    Subtitles language: without

    Life can arise anywhere, nature behaves strangely and days can last for minutes. Although everything is familiar to us, nothing is what it seems in this place. The cycle of life seen from a different perspective.

  3. Butterfly & Mouse / Пеперуда и Мишка 14:19
  4. Bulgaria 2019
    Directed by: Mira Yankova
    Screenplay: Mira Yankova
    Animation: Mira Yankova
    Technique: hand-drawn traditional animation
    Music: Mihail Iossifov
    Production/School: Roumen Barrosov
    Dialogue language: no dialogue

    People often say, “This one has a lion’s heart, and that one – a rabbit’s”. Some hide lions in their chests, other ones – rabbits, yet others – mice. There are also those who wouldn’t dare face their inner spirit animal. What could happen to someone so very afraid of seeing what he carries within. A short jazzy film about the fears that obstruct man's way to himself and to others.

  5. Exposed 02:55
  6. Taiwan 2019
    Directed by: YaLin Yu
    Screenplay: YaLin Yu
    Production/School: YaLin Yu

    Joyce, a girl who got cancer and become bald is afraid of facing her friend because of her appearance, so her imaginary wig monster friend is trying to help her out.

  7. #21xoxo 09:51
  8. Belgium 2019
    Directed by: Sine Özbilge
    Screenplay: Sine Özbilge
    Production/School: Lunanime (Annemie Degryse)
    Dialogue language: English

    21XOXO is a surreal and humorous reflection on the 21th century youth. The story is about a girl and her online search for love in times of social media, speed dating, cyberlove, hipster culture and post-net attitudes. The protagonist takes us on a journey through a colorful and bizarre imaginary world filled with absurd, surreal and metamorphic scenes.

  9. Legend Of Ancient Borneo 08:43
  10. Malaysia 2019
    Directed by: Geoffrey Sinn Chun Hou
    Screenplay: Geoffrey Sinn Chun Hou
    Technique: 2D Frame by Frame Animation
    Music: Ronald Ng
    Production/School: Geoffrey Sinn Chun Hou
    Dialogue language: Kadazan
    Subtitles language: English

    Four warriors of a village in ancient Borneo were going after a gang of reptiles savages who ravaged their village and took the village's sacred dragon skull, but they soon found out the truth behind their village's prosperity and the untold history of the dragon skull.

  11. Balance 03:38
  12. Singapore 2018
    Directed by: Raymond Limantara Sutisna
    Screenplay: Raymond Limantara Sutisna
    Animation: Raymond Limantara Sutisna; Liao Zhibin; Tracy Quek Kai Ning
    Technique: 2D Animation; Cel Animation
    Music: Andrew Scott Bell
    Production/School: Nanyang Technological University
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: no dialogue

    “There isn’t enough room for the both of us.” Two painters battle out what space they have to paint in their own style.

  13. Voyels Hunt / La Chasse aux voyelles 02:16
  14. Canada 2019
    Directed by: Hélène Matte
    Screenplay: Paul Zumthor
    Dialogue language: French

    What remains to be said? Through an interdisciplinary approach, ZumTrobaR gives substance to the poetry of Paul Zumthor (1915-1995). Here, a cartoon updates the sextine's form where swirl the "great common places that move" that are love, death and birth.

  15. Om Nom Nom… 03:17
  16. Japan 2019
    Directed by: Minato Matsuda, Haruna Ueno, Tomoko Taiga
    Screenplay: Team Amam Gokkun
    Animation: Puppet animation
    Technique: puppets, cutout drawings, multi-plane camera
    Music: Kazuhito Yamaide
    Production/School: Team Amam Gokkun
    Dialogue language: English (no dialogue)

    One day, a hungry dinosaur came across a weird jumping egg in the forest. He swallowed it, and then felt some strange rumblings in his tummy. Well, well, well... This stop-motion animation is essentially a funny short story for kids, but its fanciful visual images may also attract adults. The unique imagery of the dinosaur’s internal organs and nature have been created with a multi-plane camera, by combining fluffy flat puppets (a boy, a dinosaur, and other creatures) with carefully composed pastel drawings.

  17. Calls for Archie 04:35
  18. USA 2019
    Directed by: Zach Christy
    Screenplay: Zach Christy
    Animation: Zach Christy
    Technique: 2d/3d
    Music: Kirk Pearson of Dogbotic
    Production/School: Zach Christy Design
    Dialogue language: English

    A man gets mysterious calls for years and tries to understand why.

  19. Transconscience / Transconsciencia 11:56
  20. Spain 2019
    Directed by: Angel Pascual
    Screenplay: Angel Pascual
    Animation: Angel Pascual
    Technique: Angel Pascual
    Music: Ulises Pistolo/ Roser Talents
    Production/School: Angel Pascual
    Dialogue language: No dialogue
    Subtitles language: No subtitles

    When consciousness and consciousness merge.

  21. The Spirit Seam 14:52
  22. USA 2019
    Directed by: Ashley Gerst
    Screenplay: Ashley Gerst
    Animation: Ashley Gerst, Adam Momsen, Morgan Taylor
    Technique: mixed media: 3D, 2D, and stop motion animation
    Production/School: n/a
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: n/a

    The Spirit Seam is a short animated film about a little girl, Pollywog, and her Pap-Paw. Located in an Appalachain coal-mining town in the 1950s, the film takes the audience through the daily life of both characters. At the start of the film, the characters eat breakfast together and then travel to their respective locations- Pollywog is dropped off at school, and Pap-Paw clocks into work at the Hiraethsburg coal mine. Throughout the film they experience the simple pleasures of rural Appalachian life: catching fireflies, fishing, catching frogs, and birthdays. Pap-Paw and Pollywog's bond is incredibly strong. In fact, they are inseparable until illness threatens to fracture their small family. This film is an homage to Gerst's maternal side and their origins working in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It is a piece rooted not only in family roots and origin, but in grief over the loss of family members as well. The Spirit Seam combines a mixture of animation mediums. The characters have been 3D modeled and animated in Audodesk Maya while the elemental effects are created in the 2D Animation software Toonboom Harmony. The sets are created physically, and are created in a variety of ways: 3D printing, embroidery, felted yarn, and sculptural techniques.

  23. Berebé 07:40
  24. Brazil 2019
    Directed by: Antonio Sergio Spagnol
    Screenplay: Antonio Sergio Spagnol
    Production/School: ANTONIO SERGIO SPAGNOL
    Dialogue language: Portuguese

    A young man who is tormented by his mother, decides to kill her

  25. Perpetuate 04:34
  26. USA 2019
    Directed by: Stephan Larson
    Screenplay: Stephan Larson
    Animation: Stephan Larson
    Technique: 3D animation
    Music: Stephan Larson
    Dialogue language: None

    A short animation about life, birth, nature and industry.

  27. A Double Life 02:43
  28. Netherlands 2018
    Directed by: Studio Job, Joris & Marieke
    Screenplay: Studio Job, Joris & Marieke
    Production/School: Studio Job, Joris & Marieke

    A deliciously dark comedy about a husband and wife whose different ideas of gender conformity lead to an unexpected confrontation.

  29. At First Sight 16:10
  30. Netherlands 2018
    Directed by: Sjaak Rood
    Screenplay: Sjaak Rood
    Animation: Sjaak Rood
    Technique: 2D drawn animation
    Music: Martin Fondse, Claudio Puntin, Jörg Brinkmann
    Production/School: Paul de Heer
    Dialogue language: none
    Subtitles language: none

    A man and a woman drive straight towards one another. They hit the breaks just in time and come to a standstill, facing each other. They're both too stubborn to give way to the other. A life story begins.