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Competition 3

Thursday 21/11/2019 11:00 - 13:00 - Animation Marathon 2019 at Special Professional High School of Acharnes
Total Duration: 01:55:32

  1. Mr. Deer / Aghaye Gavazn 09:00
  2. Iran 2018
    Directed by: Mojataba Mousavi

  3. A creak in time 27:00
  4. United Kingdom 2017
    Directed by: Steven McInerney
    Screenplay: Steven McInerney
    Production/School: Steven McInerney
    Dialogue language: English

    A Creak In Time is a 27-minute meditation on the ever-expanding fractal universe with recurring themes of transformation and altered perception, switching scale from microscopic topography to the vast distances of the cosmos.

  5. Kelpie 03:41
  6. Canada 2019
    Directed by: Danielle Bittner
    Dialogue language: English

    A young shepherd boy frees a panicked, trapped horse, only to find out why it was shackled in the first place.

  7. Things You Can Do With Extendable Arms 01:47
  8. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Luca Paulli
    Animation: Luca Paulli
    Technique: CGI
    Music: Will Wadham

    What would you do if you had a pill that gave you extendable arms? Bring a whole new world within your reach. A brand new pill: Ugrow, you but better. The series of animated GIFs, created to promote a fake brand of pills called Ugrow, uses comedy to provoke a reflection of our society and how we constantly try to define our self through acts of consumption, in an attention-seeking culture. The short film is the result of a year long project that developed as a mini web series, as well as social media pages with Instagram running alongside content providing snapshots of Ugrow users around the world. The project mimics the language used in advertising campaigns, to tell a story about how we see ourselves and how we engage with each other.

  9. Medium Rare 04:35
  10. USA 2018
    Directed by: Luca Cioci

    Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.

  11. The Unusual Suspects 04:56
  12. USA 2019
    Directed by: Jackie Gorman
    Screenplay: Produced by Christian Garcia
    Music: Robert Mai
    Production/School: Chapman University

    When an avant-garde artist is robbed, she perplexes the police with her drawing of the burglars.

  13. Patchwork 08:23
  14. Spain 2018
    Directed by: Maria Manero Muro
    Screenplay: Maria Manero Muro
    Animation: Maria Manero Muro, Gala Fiz, Laura Ávila
    Technique: 2D animation, cutout, stopmotion, embroidery animation
    Music: Nani García, La Pamplonesa
    Production/School: Maria Manero Muro/ Master Animación UPV
    Dialogue language: Spanish
    Subtitles language: English

    Patchwork is the story of Loly, a 60 year old woman who needs a liver transplant. How many organs does it need to be replaced to stop being yourself and becoming someonelse?

  15. Companionship 04:59
  16. Egypt 2019
    Directed by: engi mahmoud
    Animation: yes
    Technique: pixilation-stop motion
    Music: Shrief Noor
    Production/School: Egyptian film center
    Dialogue language: Arabic
    Subtitles language: English

    it's about inner conflict. who is the real hero..? the puppeteer player believes that his puppet just alive through his strange melodies voice.. his feelings and his own stories ...everyone try to prove that he is the one. and when they fell down they know that it is not about competition.. it is companionship

  17. One Pill at a Time 01:48
  18. USA 2018
    Directed by: Andrew Wilson
    Dialogue language: English

    "One Pill at a Time" is an Animated satirical take on America's Advertising and Pharmaceutical Drug Industries.

  19. The tree of lost souls / El árbol de las almas perdidas 15:35
  20. Spain 2019
    Directed by: Laura Zamora
    Screenplay: Laura Zamora
    Animation: Laura Zamora
    Technique: 3D animation
    Music: Alex Koniaris
    Production/School: Laura Zamora
    Dialogue language: Spanish
    Subtitles language: English, Italian and greek

    The Tree of the Lost Souls is a story of tenderness and fantasy that really make us reflect on our lives and the parts of ourselves that we have lost. It is the story of Lili, an introverted 11 year old girl who uses her imagination as a refuge from the world around her; a world that has been falling apart due to the disappearance of her father, her mother's indifference towards her, betrayed friendship, and disappointment in love. But everything changes when she cries herself to sleep under a strange tree, under the watchful eye of Mr. Crow. Through this tree, Lili's soul travels to a timeless world that is populated by lost souls, even as her body lays slumbering on the roots of the tree.

  21. Petty thing / 小事 03:46
  22. China 2019
    Directed by: Li zexi
    Screenplay: Li zexi
    Production/School: Li zexi
    Dialogue language: Chinese

    The summer afternoon was no special, until the kids, also gun fight lovers, hung around in the village and found a replica pistol. As the trigger was pulled, the whole wood was awakened.

  23. Time Trance 02:04
  24. USA 2019
    Directed by: Benjamin A Ridgway
    Screenplay: -
    Animation: by Ben Ridgway
    Technique: 3D
    Music: by Ben Ridgway
    Production/School: -
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: -

    Time needs a witness. This is a meditation on the perception of time and the ever changing state of reality.

  25. Plan B 05:52
  26. China 2019
    Directed by: Tao Hu
    Screenplay: Tao Hu
    Animation: Tao Hu
    Technique: Tao Hu
    Dialogue language: English

    PLAN B is a 5 minute animated short film about two pieces of papers that have to choose their future after their owner’s death...

  27. Unified Theory 04:42
  28. USA 2019
    Directed by: Christina Hibner
    Screenplay: Christina Hibner
    Production/School: Christina Hibner
    Dialogue language: English

    Unified Theory is an experimental animation that follows two cosmic entities. The main character, Junior, is trying her best to learn about the nature of the universe from her teacher, Senior, who is a master of the universe. Junior experiences moments of enlightenment that transform the way she sees the world, literally opening her eyes to things she could not imagine. This film is inspired by the scientific learning process, drawing conclusions by making millions of mistakes. This transcendental adventure across time and space will spark the viewer's curiosity and question their perception of reality.

  29. Tiger Leaping Gorge 08:34
  30. China 2019
    Directed by: Liu Hongping
    Screenplay: Liu Hongping
    Animation: Chongqing Yun Liang Wen Hua Limited Company
    Technique: Chongqing Yun Liang Wen Hua Limited Company
    Music: others
    Production/School: Chongqing Yun Liang Wen Hua Limited Company
    Dialogue language: Chinese
    Subtitles language: English

    The story of the animated short film is extracted from its full-length screenplay which was recently awarded Third Prize among hundreds of screenplays in a national screenplay competition,tells a big story about a tiger kingdom and has drawn some materials from《Shanhaijin》,---a famous Chinese mythological work in ancient times.The animated short film,《Tiger Leaping Gorge》 tells us the story about how Tiger King Hill faces the challenge with Lion King Tie.

  31. The Man with the Chocolate Gun 07:00
  32. Japan 2019
    Directed by: Randy Schmidt, Dylan Schmidt
    Screenplay: Randy Schmidt, Dylan Schmidt
    Animation: Stop-Motion Lego Minifigures
    Production/School: Randy Schmidt, Dylan Schmidt
    Dialogue language: English

    Agent 007 (aka, Emmet Bond) must team up with female CIA agent Wyldstyle to stop the diabolical Dr. Diarrhea, who's destroying the world's supply of chocolate.