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USA 2022
Duration: 03:44
Directed by: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Screenplay: Donald James McDowell
Animation: Arcana Studios
Technique: Maya
Music: Donald James McDowell
Production/School: Michell O'Reilly
Dialogue language: English

Pigasus is a coming of age adventure story about a unique little pig prophesied to confront the evil Rathvar in the great battle for evermore. But, Pigasus must first find the faith to believe in the loving light of the Presence or the blackness of the darkness will forever rule over what was once Elysium. A heart-warming story of faith, hope, love & family set in the valley, at the base of the ancient volcano Shasta, home of the Bennett family. It’s said the mighty Pegasus, magical Unicorn & beautiful Unisus, will upon the rise of the full Blue Moon return to Shasta valley, once their home. Pigasus is about knowing your faults, facing your fears, rising above it all to realize our true power is faith, hope, love, family, forgiveness and learning to live in the loving light that is the wondrous Presence of God.