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Competition 6

Tuesday 29/11/2022 17:10 - 18:10 - Animation Marathon 2022 Schedule
Wednesday 30/11/2022 05:10 - 06:10 - Animation Marathon 2022 Schedule - Repeat
Total Duration: 00:57:09

  1. YOUR DAUGHTER HERO / Η Ηρώ και η κλιματική αλλαγή 04:12
  2. Greece 2021
    Directed by: Apostolis Iliopoulos, Elias Roumeliotis
    Screenplay: Marina Lizardou, Apostolis Iliopoulos, Aris Kaplanidis
    Production/School: Municipality of Fyli
    Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    The story of a young teenager's metaphysical relationship with climate change phenomena.

  3. THE EGRET RIVER / 鷺鷥河 20:20
  4. Taiwan 2022
    Directed by: Wan-Ling Liu
    Screenplay: Wan-Ling Liu, Jett Chang
    Animation: Li-An Liu, Wan-Ling Liu, Zinfa Chen, Yao-Ting Huang
    Technique: Digital 2D animation
    Music: Jett Chang
    Production/School: Care Chiu
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Among the tall buildings of the city, the lonely guard Dawei hides a beautiful field that no one knows, and meets an egret there; but the expansion of the city never stops, one day the field is destroyed, the egret escapes without a trace, Dawei begin to see mysterious illusions…

  6. United Kingdom 2022
    Directed by: Robert Brown
    Screenplay: Robert Brown
    Animation: Robert Brown
    Technique: 2D Hand drawn on paper
    Music: Dave Cooke
    Production/School: Robert Brown
    Dialogue language: English

    A Clown dreams of being a Circus performer, but soon learns that practice makes perfect!

  7. POOLSIDE 02:07
  8. Germany 2022
    Directed by: Kilian van de Water
    Screenplay: Kilian van de Water
    Animation: Kilian van de Water
    Technique: Cel Animation, Video Synth
    Music: Kaspar van de Water
    Production/School: Kilian van de Water
    Dialogue language: German, French
    Subtitles language: English

    This experimental short tells the story of a usual poolside madness on a summer day.

  10. USA 2022
    Directed by: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
    Screenplay: Donald James McDowell
    Animation: Arcana Studios
    Technique: Maya
    Music: Donald James McDowell
    Production/School: Michell O'Reilly
    Dialogue language: English

    Pigasus is a coming of age adventure story about a unique little pig prophesied to confront the evil Rathvar in the great battle for evermore. But, Pigasus must first find the faith to believe in the loving light of the Presence or the blackness of the darkness will forever rule over what was once Elysium. A heart-warming story of faith, hope, love & family set in the valley, at the base of the ancient volcano Shasta, home of the Bennett family. It’s said the mighty Pegasus, magical Unicorn & beautiful Unisus, will upon the rise of the full Blue Moon return to Shasta valley, once their home. Pigasus is about knowing your faults, facing your fears, rising above it all to realize our true power is faith, hope, love, family, forgiveness and learning to live in the loving light that is the wondrous Presence of God.

  11. THERE IS NOTHING NICE DEEP WITHIN / A Mélyben Semmi Szép Nincs 07:35
  12. Hungary 2022
    Directed by: Fiorella Spitzer
    Production/School: Melinda Kiss

    A girl’s repressed feelings burst to the surface like devastating fire, destroying reality, forcing her to flee to a subconscious world where she has to face her demons.

  13. OCTOPUS / Polvo 08:26
  14. Portugal 2022
    Directed by: Catarina Sobral
    Screenplay: Catarina Sobral
    Animation: Easy Lab
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: F Kent Queener
    Production/School: Humberto Santana
    Dialogue language: Portuguese
    Subtitles language: EN / PT / FR / ES

    A foreigner comes to a new city. He doesn't speak the language of the locals or look like them: instead of two, he has several arms, like an octopus. He seems to approach others and even offers them his arms. Whenever he wants, the foreigner can rip off one of his arms, and it grows back. Over time, the octopus man becomes part of the city, until the day he learns the new language.

  15. FOR TASHI 07:35
  16. USA 2020
    Directed by: Rebecca Ruige Xu

    “For Tashi” attempts to depict the physical and emotional journey that a woman goes through when losing her baby prematurely, aims to share this deeply personal, largely unspoken and often overlooked experience with the public, in the hope to transfer the previously private excursion to a communal experience.