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Schrodinger's Cat - Intergalactic Super Spy

Hong Kong 2018
Duration: 02:44
Directed by: Thariq Amir
Screenplay: Thariq Amir
Animation: 2D
Technique: Computer
Music: Premium Beat
Production/School: Thariq Amir
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: Greek & English available

What do you get when the greatest spy kitty in the known universe, an emu with a touch of megalomania and a pair of cheeky kiwis cross paths? "Schrodinger's Cat - Intergalactic Super Spy" that's what! The nefarious General Emmanuel Eduardo Estophelos Emu the Third is determined to pull off a daring heist when his plan is unexpectedly interrupted by the coolest cat in the espionage business, Agent Guybrush Slade. Will General Emu succeed? Will Agent Slade stop him? Will the kiwis watch everything unfold with a bag of buttered popcorn? FIND OUT! MEOW!