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Bay of Plenty

Switzerland 2018
Duration: 12:03
Directed by: Milva Stutz
Screenplay: Milva Stutz
Animation: Milva Stutz, David Schlatter
Technique: Digital 3D, Clay
Music: Lucia Cadotsch, Ludwig Wandinger
Production/School: Milva Stutz
Dialogue language: no dialogue
Subtitles language: no subtitles

The animation film Bay of Plenty describes the journey of discovery of a fictional, virtual island world. By means of a first-person camera perspective, the audience engages with and becomes part of the events. They encounter creatures who transcend categories such as male/ female, artificial/natural, animal/human and who are constantly changing the form of their bodies. Together, they explore possibilities of overcoming their physical boundaries and learn how to create new (life) conditions.