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You can only stand or walk

Poland 2019
Duration: 10:15
Directed by: Olivier Arteniuk
Screenplay: Olivier Arteniuk
Animation: Olivier Arteniuk
Technique: Olivier Arteniuk
Music: Olivier Arteniuk
Production/School: Collegium Da Vinci
Dialogue language: -
Subtitles language: English

A film inspired by the poems of "Flowers of Evil" by Charles Bauldelaire. They tell us that the inherent feature of man is sin - which we can not get rid of in any way. There is no escape from sin, we are not able to bypass it in any way. Bauldelaire tells us that knowing that we will commit this sin, we should not run away from it but simply do it with happiness. After all, this is something that we could not do so far, and with this assumption, we can perfectly enjoy our sins when they come. My goal was not only the interpretation of his work, but rather paraphrased ideas - I wanted to add my own meaning and symbolism, using philosophical, religious and moral issues and my own life experience. Each element of the film has its symbolism and meaning, so each element should be interpreted. The film is like a poem, you need to see it many times and devote time to contemplating it's symbolism. A film made traditionally, drawn on sheets and scanned.