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Uranus Whispers

USA 2019
Duration: 04:00
Directed by: Frank Gresham
Screenplay: Frank Gresham
Animation: Bo Cai, Frank Gresham
Technique: 2D animation hand drawn and rigged animation
Music: Julian Gresham
Production/School: School of Visual Arts
Dialogue language: English

Wiss and Krill, two self-absorbed extra-terrestrial buddies, complain vociferously about their Neptunian surroundings. They procure a rocket and attempt an escape to neighboring planet Uranus. Unbeknownst to our encapsulated idiots, their rocket launch is thwarted, and they end up going nowhere. Emerging from their space capsule full of hope, Wiss and Krill convince themselves they have arrived on Uranus and life is better.