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USA 2018
Duration: 03:06
Directed by: Huangzhi Tang
Screenplay: Huangzhi Tang
Animation: Huangzhi Tang
Technique: Huangzhi Tang
Music: Kaman Chang

This is an experimental animation about the ego and the id. The name, ID, represents both identity (ego, who you are in this society) and id (the primary instincts). Going through the routine life to the subconscious world, the person realized her id inside. Inspired by dreams which are the dialogues between ego and id, I use collage as the main visual style because deconstructing and reforming are what dreams always do. Being like dreams, the animation includes metaphors such as: Form-Identity-Persona-Reality-Routine Conch-Voice Calling-Stairs-Go Down-Iceberg (the model of the human psyche)-Subconscious-Undersea World Lava-Reforming-Emotion-Baby-Go Back-Reborn-Volcano-Core-Destination