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Special Mention

Greece 2018
Duration: 19:04
Directed by: Alexandros Vounatsos
Screenplay: Alexandros Vounatsos
Animation: Alexandros Vounatsos
Technique: 3d animation with 2d graphics
Music: Alexandros Vounatsos
Production/School: University of Thessaly
Dialogue language: ENGLISH
Subtitles language: ENGLISH/GREEK

The animation wants to depict forms of power that exist in the everyday lives of people. All as productive members of the economic system, we produce economic benefits that we can not consume or enjoy either due to lack of free time or due to tax etc. Each member suffers from the so-called institutionalization, that is, the inner fear that creates impotence and makes it unlikely a change-pause-disengagement from a daily routine that does not serve any need of a social member beyond survival. If we try to break these seeming chains, our future as social members, is ominous. The above situations do not differ much from the everyday life of a prisoner, who works for economic gains of state mechanisms respectively, has no choice to resist what is imposed on him and suffers from institutionalization. The state daily interferes with human life through various mechanisms such as education, military service, self-discipline, the ubiquitous panopticism that seemingly struggles to identify the unregulated, non-disciplined individual. They all emphatically espouse the above situations by making the difference as a defect. So how do institutions of imprisonment not be widely accepted when they are familiar pathways that are visible on a daily basis as they are imposed as mechanisms of transformation of individuals. As long as life in the state is the only scenario, Closure and Isolation mechanisms will stigmatize and undermine diversity.