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The XXX-Garden (Director's Cut)

Germany 2018
Duration: 11:00
Directed by: Pachet Fulmen
Animation: Pachet Fulmen
Technique: 2D, Experimental, Ink on Paper, Others, Paint on Glass, Paint on Paper, Photos
Music: Pachet Fulmen, ELEVEN POND (Jeff Galea)
Production/School: PF
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: German

Medusadistica on a walk in the forest. To the civilization of straight-edge love. Myths of a woman: The dreaming woman's body. They under the tree trunk of eternally abutting infinity. Desire and pain that can not be bigger! Oh, illusion, becoming, passing away. Medusaist feelings are akin to the experiences of a little girl who left the era of war behind to be part of a strong XXX-generation. Wounds of dusty words from their ancestors, like pecking bird's beaks from the sky, draw their red trail. Glued to the absolute ideal of a man. All day, all night. At breakfast she falls asleep with greed and happiness. Here the window cross hovers ecstatically. Disturbed in her free urge and desire, she takes a knife to teach the pain. Big changes on the basis of small parts, on the body bread roll. United and yet each one for themselves. The horns of the most earthly animal.