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Greece 2017
Duration: 02:46
Directed by: Florentia Ikonomidou
Screenplay: Florentia Ikonomidou
Animation: Florentia Ikonomidou
Technique: Digital Drawing -Animation
Music: Dahlgren Ekonomides/ Sound Studio Assistant: Tim Ward
Production/School: Florentia Ikonomidou

Triptych / Heart Attack includes 3 animations that are shown simultaneously with the same music. It is a visual tale in which the element of water dominates, connects but also eliminates. It reminds the tales of my country where people and gods in the difficult moments transform others or themselves to serve a purpose or be saved. I live in a Mediterranean country and have seen the refugees come in thousands, stacked in plastic boats and it's something I will never forget. I wanted to express the mixed images and feelings we live in a dream where a clear story is not shown but the anxiety, the tremor of danger, the moment of inevitability and loss wonder around. These feelings I transferred to images and the sequence of images created the script. Each frame is a different drawing. The history of our world is a story of migrations through which culture is formed by interactions.