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Digital Life

Hong Kong 2017
Duration: 03:51
Directed by: Zhouying JIANG
Animation: Zhouying Jiang
Production/School: Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University
Dialogue language: mute

Mr.A trusts his AI very much and his AI takes good care of him. AIA gives Mr.A useful advice all the time. However, because of Mr.A's carelessness, AIA is damaged. It gives wrong suggestions on Mr.A's dating wearing. Mr.A wears a swim pant and a tie when meets the girl. The girl is shocked by Mr.A's wearing. She turns to her AIB for advice. Those two AIs fall in love with each other at the first sight. In order to be together with AIA, AIB lies to the girl that Mr.A's wearing is perfect. The girl is so happy and kisses Mr.A. In the end, the two AIs are together.