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A Desert Network: Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake

USA 2018
Duration: 01:11
Directed by: Peter Whittenberger
Screenplay: Peter Whittenberger
Animation: Peter Whittenberger
Technique: digital animation
Music: Peter Whittenberger

“A Desert Network: Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake” uses the hydrologic cycle of the Great Basin to consider the critical influence of water on all landscapes. Specifically, the work focuses on the water way of Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake, through the Truckee River. I see this hydrologic cycle as a metaphorical local network that supports all native life, regardless of time or species. The water serves as the data stream that supports the local network. I’m using the metaphor of a local network and a hydrologic cycle to represent the interconnected nature of water to all life; those that came before, those present, and hopefully, those to come.