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The Italian Gaze / Lo Sguardo Italiano

USA 2016
Duration: 13:39
Directed by: Sandro Del Rosario
Screenplay: Sandro Del Rosario
Animation: Sandro Del Rosario
Technique: Oil pastels on photocopy
Music: Michele Di Toro
Production/School: Sandro Del Rosario, Giannalberto Bendazzi, Paolo Polesello
Dialogue language: English, Italian
Subtitles language: English

An Italian artist looks at his native country through an animated film made with thousands hand colored oil painted photographs. Created as a visual poem that bridges filmmaking language and visual arts, 'The Italian Gaze' portrays the intoxicating beauty of Italy that many visitors still get looking at its landscapes, at thousands of years of history, art, and architecture, as well as it denounces the disillusionment, inner conflict, and hopes of an emigrant.