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Mi Di Worm no. 10

Switzerland 2018
Duration: 01:00
Directed by: Barbara Peikert
Screenplay: Barbara Peikert
Animation: Barbara Peikert
Technique: Baraba-pe
Music: Barbara Peikert
Production/School: Atelier a./f. Barbara Peikert
Dialogue language: -
Subtitles language: english

Synopsis MI DI WORM no.10 , 2018, 1’, color, audio The starting material is a frame-to-frame animation art of 2-Stop motion: A production with visual effects. Of the type related to a stereoscopic recording, the flickering wiggling-picture ramifications of the yellow color animate strokes on a red background. Part of the constellations complement intermittent in animated gestures: Similar to caves drawing or a children's schematic stick figures. The setting has met with curiosity. The points stand out, as they would be a fantastic set of notes, virtually painted to listen to.