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Little Grey Wolfy. Spring and Icy Drift / Den Vesle Grå Ulven. Vår og Isen Går

Norway 2017
Duration: 06:30
Directed by: Natalia Malykhina
Screenplay: Natalia Malykhina
Animation: Masta Volkova, Natalia Malykhina
Technique: 2D cut-out
Music: Mattis Sørum
Production/School: Ulvenfilm
Dialogue language: non-dialogue

Spring is the time of an ice drift on the river. Two friends, Wolfy and Hare, carried away by their running in the forest, suddenly find themselves on an ice floe among the river rapids. Cold stream hides many dangers, but their good imagination comes to help. And now they are not on the floe, but on a wonderful icy frigate, set sail across the seas! Brave captain Wolf and Hare at the helm. But be careful! A waterfall is ahead!