Competition 3

Monday 28/11/2016 20:00 - 20:50 - Animation Marathon 2016 Schedule
Total Duration: 00:49:18

  1. Moving Out 02:56
  2. USA 2016
    Directed by: SeoHee Choi, John Han
    Screenplay: John Han
    Animation: John Han
    Technique: 3D
    Music: Garth Neustadter
    Production/School: John McIntosh

    A teenage daughter is loading heavy luggage onto a car as she is preparing to move away from her rural home. She believes that she is prepared to take the world head on, as most teenagers do and wants to prove it by loading the heavy luggage onto the car herself without the help of her mother.

  3. Satellite 02:59
  4. USA 2016
    Directed by: Sungwon Moon
    Screenplay: Sungwon Moon
    Animation: Sungwon Moon
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Kenji Ueda
    Production/School: John McIntosh

    An astronaut named Ema struggles between the harshness of reality and the emptiness of a virtual world.

  5. The Gardener 03:06
  6. USA 2016
    Directed by: Elana Lederman
    Screenplay: Elana Lederman
    Animation: Cat McDonnell, Meg Pangiochi, Brandon T-bone, Alejandra Alvarez
    Technique: 3D
    Music: Phill Boucher
    Production/School: John McIntosh

    An old woman at the end of her life uses all of her skills - gardening, tinkering, and a little bit of magic - to try to save herself, with unexpected results. After coming to the realization that her body is crumbling before her eyes, the old gardener puts the finishing touches on her masterpiece, a mythical bonsai tree that she believes can restore her to youth. But when time runs out too soon, the old woman fails in her quest and passes on. Her spirit, however, lives on in her creation, which begins to grow magnificently thanks to her love, dedication, and care.

  7. True Colors 05:27
  8. USA 2016
    Directed by: Nicole Morciniec
    Screenplay: Nicole Morciniec
    Animation: Nicole Morciniec
    Technique: 3D
    Music: Tim Quick
    Production/School: John McIntosh

    A small sparrow falls in love with a beautiful bird, and paints himself to be colorful in order to catch her attention.

  9. That Fat Cat Ate Dad's Hat 09:38
  10. Singapore 2015
    Directed by: Darran Kuah, Sebastian Law
    Screenplay: Vanessa Ng, Chung Yin Ping, Sebastian Law
    Animation: Larry Pagcaliwangan, Cidy Affandi, Yang Lin, Sebastian Law
    Technique: 2D, 3D
    Production/School: Chung Yin Ping
    Dialogue language: English

    A modern telling of the nine lives of a cat through its eyes. Connected by the soul of a single cat in different bodies through different times, the cat remembers its lives in a world run by humans through happy and tragic experiences with its neighbours, both feline and human alike.

  11. One Day in July 02:12
  12. Italy 2015
    Directed by: Hermes Mangialardo
    Screenplay: Hermes Mangialardo
    Animation: Hermes Mangialardo
    Technique: 2D computer
    Music: Antonio Mangialardo
    Production/School: Hermes Mangialardo

    One children play with sand on a beach, buat a soldier come with his gun...

  13. Puzzle 03:00
  14. Israel 2015
    Directed by: Stav Levi
    Screenplay: Stav Levi
    Animation: Stav Levi
    Technique: 2D, Drawing on Film
    Music: Tatran
    Production/School: Stav Levi
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    A strange character is engulfed in the creation of its grand masterpiece - a puzzle the size of the world itself.

  15. The Little Dancer of the Moulin Rouge / La Petite Danseuse du Moulin Rouge 20:00
  16. France 2016
    Directed by: Eric Vanz de Godoy
    Screenplay: Eric Vanz de Godoy
    Animation: Eric Vanz de Godoy
    Technique: Puppets, Stop Motion
    Music: Marc Siffert
    Production/School: Eric Vanz de Godoy

    Is the story of a little girl, my mother, with a dream of stars and light. An odyss