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FOR THE TIME BEING / Προς το παρόν

Greece 2022
Duration: 01:32
Directed by: Joanna Poupaki
Screenplay: Joanna Poupaki
Animation: Joanna Poupaki
Technique: 2D traditional animation, stop motion animation
Music: Skiadereses
Production/School: EINA University School of Design and Art of Barcelona
Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)

A visual interpretation of the same-titled song “Προς το Παρόν” (Pros to Parón) in Greek, by the Greek music group Skiadereses, made as an animated video clip for the chorus of the song. “For the time being I hate you I keep trying to remind myself and I keep forgetting For the time being I hate you I keep trying to kiss you, but I turn the other way” Emotions of love-hate, of loss and nostalgia. Self-contradiction. Referring to someone else but at the same time referring to oneself. Crying. Overthinking. Drowning in one's thoughts. A giant head that can’t stop crying, at risk of flooding the world around it and drowning in the process. But there is still hope. The animals, the friends, the companions, the new family, together with the Head can bring change and create a new, slightly prettier world.