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China 2022
Duration: 04:30
Directed by: Qian Chen
Screenplay: Qian Chen
Animation: Qian Chen
Technique: Meiling Zhong, Joe Hirst
Music: Guillermo Pita
Production/School: Royal College of Art
Dialogue language: English

By chance, Qi'an attended a training camp based on the pyramid selling model, in which she experienced three-day brainwashing, telling her that she could get a healthy life through their products. She pretended to be deceived, so as to become one of them to observe the interaction between the deceiver and the deceived from the perspective of a bystander. She wants to build on this experience based on cult structures, which re-examines the conflict and compromise between a social operation mode and human nature. Sacrificial Rabbit is based on clues that gradually enter the trap, starting from a girl who is hypnotised after following a rabbit into a hole, trapped in a room for a series of killings that follow instructions. she was arranged to escape here, but chose to return.