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What We Walk On

United States of America 2021
Duration: 02:35
Directed by: Peter Whittenberger
Screenplay: Peter Whittenberger
Animation: Peter Whittenberger
Technique: 2D Digital Animation
Music: Peter Whittenberger
Production/School: Peter Whittenberger

What We Walk On breaks down our natural history into an unending network of nodes. Each node serves as a small portion of the Earth’s interconnected histories. As the piece progresses, we begin to see the landscape divided by lines and borders. Through each node, our species begins to define how land is controlled and who controls them, leading to our present day. The climax of the work is the division of our species through physical borders, as well as, intellectual and spiritual ideas. This culminates in the spread of Covid-19 into a global pandemic. The work illustrates how nationalism created apathetic othering in the face of the suffering of others. Ideally, the pandemic that impacts every population of our species, should allow us to come to terms with our shared, biological nature. I want this piece to be an optimistic reflection of a renewed idea of our place in time and the universe. This work embraces the freedom of our fragile, inconsequential nature in relation to the greater functions of this planet, in all of known time. What We Walk On examines lessons learned from this epic tragedy, while reminding us that the Earth will always regenerate and renew itself, regardless of if our species has a place in the future or not.