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Italy 2021
Duration: 25:00
Directed by: Francesco Orlando
Screenplay: Francesco Orlando
Animation: Francesco Orlando
Technique: 3D Animation
Music: Various artists
Production/School: Francesco Orlando
Dialogue language: Italian
Subtitles language: English

In a dystopian future, the geography of the world is radically changed also cause of the human activities. A tech toy Company loses a top-secret device during it transport, cause of a sudden hurricane. The founder of the Company Mr. Clarence Flag and his beautiful assistant Nora, wants to absolutely recover the lost device in the open sea, using a neural control robot, an Hi-tech prototype never drived; the robot become active thanks to a young wizard of the videogames: Victor. Some corrupt politicians and dishonest managers plans a cruel hunting to steal the lost precious device; the protagonists falls in spy traps and politic skullduggery, their difficult recover become a dangerous adventure.