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The Shift

Sweden 2021
Duration: 07:09
Directed by: Johan Samuelsson
Screenplay: Johan Samuelsson
Animation: Johan Samuelsson
Technique: 2D & 3D animation
Music: Peter Lam
Production/School: Johan Samuelsson, Crispin Stensson
Dialogue language: English

Many years ago tech giants lost control of AI robotic technology. By kidnapping and monitoring newborns, the Ai robots are now trying to master the one thing they have yet to understand… Creativity. The film starts with a kidnapped human baby boy. We see two of the AI droids implanting iris surveillance chips into the babies eyes. 15 years later. The film follows one of the children that are being studied. One day he stumbles upon a strange device that gives him an insight to the reality that he actually lives in.