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The Girl Who Cried Sick

Australia 2020
Duration: 03:07
Directed by: Ruby Taylor
Screenplay: Ruby Taylor
Animation: Ruby Taylor
Technique: Stop-Motion Animation
Music: Andrew Taylor
Production/School: Kardinia International College
Dialogue language: English

'The Girl Who Cried Sick' follows a child hypochondriac as her escalating attention-seeking lies lead her parents to dismiss her complaints when she becomes genuinely ill. Inspired by the cautionary tale 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf', this hand-crafted animation gives humour and heart to a grim true story. The intention for this production was to create a film that accentuates the tactile nature of stop-motion animation technology to immerse the audience in the colourful narrative world. The intricate sets, dynamic lighting and complex sound design enrich the visual experience, and encourage audiences to reflect upon their own childhood stories.