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Being A Dog


Sweden 2021
Duration: 08:03
Directed by: Felix Swahn
Screenplay: Felix Swahn
Animation: Felix Swahn
Technique: 2D animation digital animation and some effect's are 3D animation
Music: Caspar Swahn
Production/School: Felix Swahn
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

Tim is longing for love. He’s a lonely human being who struggles with exclusion every day. Every time Tim feels different than others he transforms into a french bulldog. Ginger makes Tim feel human. Ginger is an old friend of Tim`s whom he was in love with, unrequited love. Tim collides with Ginger in the street, they talk and become friends again. After meeting Ginger Tim becomes a dog again. This time he chooses to enjoy being a dog and sees all the possibilities of a dog`s life. It’s good to be a human being but it’s good being a dog sometimes too.