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Mara, Tank the dog and chicken legs / มาร่า หมาหยอง น่องไก่

Thailand 2020
Duration: 03:46
Directed by: Thee Khanthavit
Screenplay: Thee Khanthavit
Animation: Thee Khanthavit
Technique: 2D computer
Music: Sirapop Saichot, Nuttakit Togeen
Production/School: 9TSTORE
Dialogue language: Thai
Subtitles language: English

While Tank The Dog, Scotty's buddy, is asleep, Mara is out hunting good dreams and goes into Tank's dream. The dream that is full of his deepest desire, which is "fried chicken legs". Tank is fighting hard and win his battle with Mara. Once Tank wakes up, Robo Dog is there shooting fried chicken legs to Tank's mouth. As if Robo Dog knows what Tank's desire is before he even knows it!