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Updated: 09-09-2017 12:02

Screening of student animated movies that were produced during the course "Animation" (tutor: Alexandros Psychoulis).

The course is taking place in the frame of the post graduate program Information and Communication Technologies in Education that be held in collaboration with the below faculties and departments:


  • Department of Early Childhood Education, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Faculty of Communication and Mass Media Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly
  • Faculty of Electronics Engineering, Higher Technological Institute of Piraeus  


The movies


Greece 2017
Directed by Anatoli Panagiotidou, Virginia Manesi
Screenplay: Anatoli Panagiotidou, Virginia Manesi
Animation: Anatoli Panagiotidou, Virginia Manesi
Technique: Pixilation, Stop-motion anmation
Music: La Cumparsita, Gerardo Matos Rodríguez
Production: Anatoli Panagiotidou, Virginia Manesi
Dialogues: No
Cast: Virginia Manesi, Thanasis Kalogeropoulos

A woman scientist, disappointed by her last relationships, conducts an experiment on "Perfect Man" in her laboratory. Everything is planned, down to the last detail. Until she takes the last substance of the experiment. Will the experiment succeed?


02. ONE MORE DAY, 3’ 34’’
Greece 2017
Directed by Eleni Georgiadou, Elsona Agara
Screenplay: Eleni Georgiadou, Elsona Agara
Animation: Eleni Georgiadou, Elsona Agara
Technique: Puppet, Stop-motion animation
Music: "Cold", "Eternal Love", "Stay" by Jorge Mendez
Production: Eleni Georgiadou, Elsona Agara
Dialogues: No

A short story that depicts the contemporary everyday life of people who are called to cope with intense and demanding work schedules by sacrificing other parameters of their personal life.


03. GLITCH, 2’ 39’’
Greece 2017
Directed by Ioannis Kourtis
Screenplay: Eirini–Frideriki Kouni
Animation: Eirini–Frideriki Kouni, Ioannis Kourtis
Technique: 2D, Typography, Cut-out animation
Sound Design and Editing: Ioannis Kourtis
Production: Eirini–Frideriki Kouni, Ioannis Kourtis
Dialogues: No

Did you show your real face today? How do you know you are not a program? Do you like your body you are trapped in? Did you show your real face today?


04. SILENCE, 1’ 56’’
Greece 2017
Directed by Ioannis Kourtis, Eirini–Frideriki Kouni
Screenplay: Ioannis Kourtis, Eirini–Frideriki Kouni
Animation: Ioannis Kourtis
Technique: 3D CG animation, 2D CG Sound
Design and Editing: Ioannis Kourtis
Production: Ioannis Kourtis, Eirini–Frideriki Kouni
Dialogues: No

War leads to loneniness. Loneliness leads to War.


05. CLOTHES' STORY, 1’ 44’’
Greece 2017
Directed by Eleftheria Konstadinidi, Lia Leptokaridi, Eirini Marinaki
Screenplay: Eleftheria Konstadinidi, Lia Leptokaridi, Eirini Marinaki
Animation: Eleftheria Konstadinidi, Lia Leptokaridi, Eirini Marinaki
Technique: Object stop-motion
Music: Benny Hill theme song (, tango-Roxanne (,
Production: Eleftheria Konstadinidi, Lia Leptokaridi, Eirini Marinaki
Dialogues: No

The clothes were packed in their owner's suitcase and they were ready to travel with her. Or so she was thinking. But they had different plans!


06. DREAM HUNTING, 3’ 39’’
Greece 2017
Directed by Efthalia Kotsi, Petros Karapetros
Screenplay: Efthalia Kotsi, Petros Karapetros
Animation: Efthalia Kotsi, Petros Karapetros
Technique: 2D CG animation
Music: No Production: Efthalia Kotsi, Petros Karapetros
Dialogues: No

It is a short animation film inspired by lyrics primarily written by Greek but also foreign poets who wrote poems about poetry creation. Some selected lyrics are interpreted and visualized.


Greece 2017
Directed by Alina Preka, Katerina Riga
Screenplay: Alina Preka, Katerina Riga
Animation: Alina Preka, Katerina Riga
Technique: Puppet, stop-motion animation
Sounds : Freesounds. org, vocal sounds
Production: Alina Preka, Katerina Riga
Dialogues: No

The less I own, the more I can create. Willing and imagination, usually, give me the wings I need.


08. VOMIX, 2’ 52’’
Greece 2017
Directed by Erica Averi, Efi Giannou, Maria Tsoni
Screenplay: Erica Averi, Efi Giannou, Maria Tsoni
Animation: Erica Averi, Efi Giannou, Maria Tsoni
Technique: Stop-motion animation
Sounds: free sound effects from youtube
Production: Erica Averi, Efi Giannou, Maria Tsoni
Dialogue: No

Useless or not and recyclable materials come to life making a neighborhood. Balky and unbowed heroes are trying to reach their personal goals. What job they should finally do? The one they were created for or the one they choose? Which is their reason of existence? The one they were made for or the one they choose?


09. SINGLE SHOCK TOWN, 4’ 14’’
Greece 2017
Directed by Marilena Vekiou, Eirini Kovaiou
Screenplay: Marilena Vekiou, Eirini Kovaiou
Animation: Marilena Vekiou, Eirini Kovaiou
Technique: Stop-motion animation
Music Yann Tiersen, Evgueni Galpérine & Sacha Galpérine, free sound effects
Production: Marilena Vekiou, Eirini Kovaiou
Dialogues: No

Somewhere in the land of lost socks an unexpected visitor from the past came to shake up the peaceful town. Is it possible for the desires and «togetherness» to survive against the stereotypes of a small society?


10. WAITING FOR YOU, 3’ 27’’
Greece 2016
Directed by Styliani Giannikopoulou & Georgia-Vasiliki Serifi
Screenplay: Styliani Giannikopoulou & Georgia-Vasiliki Serifi
Animation: Styliani Giannikopoulou & Georgia-Vasiliki Serifi
Technique: Pixilation
Music: Andreas Sklavenitis
Production: Styliani Giannikopoulou & Georgia-Vasiliki Serifi
Dialogues: No

When cleaning is turning into neurosis, the mind is suffering from obsessions. A woman trapped by irrational thoughts, cleans frantically her house. Without knowing why, she is succumbing to compulsion. For her, this is the only way out. But for how long? The impulse is so strong that controls her brain and leads her to extremes. Is there anything that can pull her out of the impasse? Can she escape from the absurdity? The only thing she can do is waiting ... Maybe forever...


Greece 2017
Directed by: Christina Zoubourli, Elissavet Boussiou
Screenpaly: Christina Zoubourli, Elissavet Boussiou
Animation: Christina Zoubourli
Technique: 2D, CG animation
Music / Sounds: Elissavet Boussiou
Production; Christina Zoubourli, Elissavet Boussiou
Dialogue: No

Finding my soul mate after all, and she won't even look at me. Bad break. Or could perhaps something change? I will try everything and who knows..? Really, how much would you change so as to succeed? Our first attempt concerning animation, totally experiental, based on real facts and situations and it is dedicated to all those looks that we were diligently after but we probably never succeed to get them back efficiently.


12. HOME NOIR, 2' 19"
Greece 2015
Directed by: Zinovia Chatzidaki , Maria Moustaka
Screenplay: Zinovia Chatzidaki, Maria Moustaka
Animation: Zinovia Chatzidaki, Maria Moustaka
Technique: Pixilation / Stop-Motion
Music: sounds from free sound libraries
Production: MA Information and Communication Technologies for Education, University of Athens
Dialogues: No
Cast: Antonis Mermigas, Maria Moustaka, Dimitris Chatzopoulos

What happens to an apartment, after the night has fallen? Tenants and home appliances become involved in a dark mystery game.